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Training courses: just a day of your life that you won't get back?

It's Monday morning. Email hell beckons. I've got my Creativepool blog to write but I do also need to try and whittle down the daily glut of Groupons, StumbleUpons, Voucherclouds, More Groupons, and LinkedIn's “congratulate Billy-Bob on his new...

Posted by: Ashley Morrison


Ten reasons to quit your job.

by Ashley Morrison. There are many reasons why, according to a recent poll by Forbes, 74% of people would consider changing jobs. One would like to think that this is just because they want to move onwards and upwards in pursuit of an ever-more...

Posted by: Creativepool


On Yer Bike: 10 reasons to jack in your job

When I was employed, rather than self-employed, there’s no doubt that I liked various things. Sure, the job itself was ok to start with, but the main thing I liked was the paid holidays. There wasn’t very much in the way of benefits. Paid...

Posted by: Ashley Morrison

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