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Life as a junior. Be prepared to work hardest of all.

Starting out in the creative industry can be hard for anyone, and you should be prepared to feel as though you are doing more work than the MD or CEO. The basics are easy, arrive first or go home last (whichever is noticed), and pretty much be...

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D&AD's Andy Sandoz unveils 2016 'Manual' annual

In his final act as D&AD President after a year in which he has imparted many valuable lessons with his future-facing attitude and love for the weird and wonderful, Andy Sandoz has made some major changes to the D&AD Annual. A dedicated champion of...

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Job Description: DTP Operator.

Printed materials, such as books, newspapers, magazines, brochures and advertising, need to be well designed and laid out to make them attractive and easy to read. DTP (desktop publishing) operators use DTP software and photo-imaging software to put...

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