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Beach Meets: Ryan Chapman

Ryan Chapman was number one lurker at the gallery (Beach London) a few years back, when we used to serve coffee and stuff. We used to sit around for ages and natter about ideas, creativity, and art. Ryan really has some wonderful ideas, and a really...

Posted by: Beach London


Trailblazers: A visit to Estonia with AKU

AKU is a design consultancy based in Tallinn, Estonia, working with clients such as the The Huffington Post and The Estonian Parliament to deliver ambitious solutions across branding, experience, packaging, strategy and websites. Founded in 2012 by...

Posted by: Kate Lewin


Global creative calendar: May 2022

Two years ago, this forecast of upcoming events became irrelevant, almost overnight. Since then, we have adapted - and now, rejuvenation is on the rise. Comparatively, we may go less often, stay closer to home, and spend more time phoning it in...

Posted by: The Darnell Works Agency


Ads of the Week

The Full Service - Macmillan Brave The Shave The striking black and white images featured in the clip above show the parents, partners and loved ones of people with cancer seconds after having all their hair shaved off in a bid to help others with...

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial

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