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Przemek Pyszczek: The Plattenbau is cool again

The Plattenbau has become cool again. These constructions of Soviet-era Communism, where colossal concrete slabs were assembled into a home are the ultimate chic addition to the lives of the young and upwardly-mobile of Berlin. These Plattenbauen...

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial


Talking 2015 Trends at Tent London

2015 has been a very interesting year for design so far, we can see designers really exploring new areas - whether looking to the past or the future. There is a lot of beautiful work out there today; and we love to share our appreciation for that....

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial


Don’t let the obsession kill you

Ever since I remember I was always obsessed with something. The first obsession I remember taking over me was collecting Lego sets at a very young age. It drove my dad insane, because living in post-communist Poland western Lego sets were pretty...

Posted by: Przemek


New campaign draws US tourists to the UK

Harnessing the power of social media to inspire more visitors to come and explore what makes Britain a great destination is the focus of a campaign launched in New York by UK Culture Secretary John Whittingdale. The Great Britain 'Home of Amazing...

Posted by: Magnus Shaw

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