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The Freelancer Grind: Making a clean and simple résumé

This is a tough one, as for the longest time I didn’t believe in having a résumé as a designer. I still kind of believe that, as I think you should only really judge a designers work based on their portfolio. However, as I got more...

Posted by: Hashmukh Kerai


How to achieve the perfect portfolio: Part 1

For most of us the days of creating our own portfolios from scratch are way behind us now (except if you're a developer), so make life as easy as possible for yourself by using portfolio builders, creative services and platforms that are designed for...

Posted by: Fabrik


The 40 best sites, tools & apps of 2011

During 2011 we discovered some unbelievably cool and useful sites and apps and shared the best we found in our fortnightly newsletters. Here we have condensed these into an even more exclusive list of the forty coolest sites, tools and apps of the...

Posted by: Creativepool


Behind the Idea: Bringing down the house for Lacoste

It’s been a busy week for French clothing brand Lacoste and its creative agency BETC Paris. As well as launching the second instalment of its Save Our Species campaign for Biological Diversity Day, it released a new ad capturing the deep...

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial


Back To School with some of Creativepool's Top 25

The leaves are turning a rusty shade of green and there’s very definitely a chill in the air which can only mean one thing: Autumn’s here. And so, after a summer of veritable freedom, we’re all heading back to our desks, ready to knuckle down...

Posted by: Kate Lewin


Top 10 best GIF artists of 2015

Recently the Adam Leibsohn, COO of Giphy, gave a talk about the importance of communication through GIFs (well, he would, wouldn’t he). But a partisan opinion aside, the tendency to rely on GIFs to communicate our thoughts and feelings online...

Posted by: Jade French

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