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Annual 2020: who will see your work this year?

We are exactly one week away from the Annual 2020 final submissions deadline. As you are starting to put the finishing touches on your entries, you might be wondering who will actually see the work you submit. Aside from being scored by our esteemed...

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial


Behind the Idea: The redemption of Gio Compario

GoCompare is a brand that has become synonymous with a certain character that has proven polarising (to say the least) amongst British TV viewers. When Wynne Evans first burst onto the scene towards the end of 2009 as Gio Compario, nobody could...

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Marking 60 years since the first TV Advertisement

TV advertising might have been largely supplanted by online ads and social media in the last few years, but as long as television adheres to the same model (in others words, before Netflix-style streaming on-demand becomes the rule rather than the...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns

The Week In Advertising

Persil - Dual Action Mums Agency: TMW | Executive Producer: Kate Myles Who does the washing? Women do! Of course they do! This is the 1950s after all. No, hang on, it's 2015 - and women still do the washing, but they're cool women now. Not only are...

Posted by: Magnus Shaw


CP Loves... Go Compare turns on Gio Compario

by Jessica Hazel You might have noticed a vandalised Billboard featuring Go Compare's fictional opera singer Gio Compario recently and had a little chuckle to yourself. But this is not the work of a rebel with a step ladder, this is the latest...

Posted by: Creativepool

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