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Creative Opinions on Cannes Lions 2018: Big Trends and Big Changes

The big theme for Cannes Lions 2018 is change. Out with the old, bloated, elitist festival of old and in with the more svelte, measured and inclusive festival of new. The major changes Cannes Lions is instituting for 2018 are as follow:- The...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns


Ad Trends 2018: An uncertain industry in a state of flux

When looking ahead, it's always important to keep one foot firmly rooted in the past, particularly when examining adland, which has been in a state of flux for years now. With agencies and brands alike shifting their allegiances towards digital with...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns


The Week in Tech

This man grew an ear on his arm An Australian performance artist who simply goes by the name “Stelarc” (like “Madonna” or “Adele,” but with zero mainstream appeal) has grown an artificial ear on his arm. He...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns


Top 5 Ads of the Week: Christmas Special

It's that time of year again when brands start milking our emotional connection to Christmas, so here I'll be looking at a few of the more interesting Christmas-themed ads to debut in recent weeks. I won't be featuring the annual John Lewis spot from...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns


Live streaming from AdWeek: Times Center Stage: Wednesday

Live Stream: 9:00 - Pardon the Interruption: Advertising is Back Over the past several years, marketers have been finessing the technique of content marketing, the communication of choice for an always-on, newsfeed-based media world. But just when...

Posted by: Creativepool


Album covers located on Street View

The Guardian have been delving into the amazing world of Google Street View of late, and have been coming up with some clever uses for the world's most detailed map. Last month they placed famous artworks from around the world back in their original...

Posted by: Jessica Hazel

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