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Think like a hoover

It's hard to imagine being inspired while only focusing on your own art. That is the fastest way to lead your creativity to stall - to stop looking at fellow creatives, and to become too self-absorbed into your own works. Instead, you should try to...

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial


Remote Control: Monetising your lockdown

Panic mode has officially been engaged and no industry is safe from the fallout. The tendrils of COVID-19 have spread with wanton abandon, latching onto every sector; decimating some whilst only wounding others. For freelancers, the sting is...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns


Reconnecting with our roots: How VR can bring us back to reality

I have always deeply revered nature. Growing up in Cornwall surrounded by the ocean on (almost) all sides has meant I’ve always been aware of the scale of the wild world outside. I am keenly aware of the beauty of nature, but never forget the...

Posted by: George P. Johnson UK

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