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The Northern Creative Revolution

Make no mistake the creative industries are thriving. The value to the UK economy exceeded £91 billion in 2016 and the sector is growing faster than any other. 1 in every 8 businesses in the UK is now defined as ‘creative’ which...

Posted by: Ross Taylor


Creative industry employment dwarfing other sectors

When people ask me what I do for a living, I often simply reply; “I write.” This response is often met either by furrowed brows, genuine interest or complete surprise, as it would appear that to some people, the concept of actually making...

Posted by: Benjamin Hiorns


UK Creative Industries hit record high!

According to new figures recently published by the UK's Department for Culture Media & Sport (DCMS), the UK's creative sectors (which encompasses everything from film, tv and music to advertising and design) were worth £76.9 billion a year to...

Posted by: Creativepool Editorial


Crafts aren't creative – they're, well, erm...

Earlier this month, there was widespread consternation and outrage that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is going to exclude the 'crafts' as a category under the banner of 'creative industries'. Having done some work on a...

Posted by: Creativepool

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