10 most valuable brands of 2019 revealed

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Apple, Google and Amazon have retained their status as the most valuable global brands, according to new annual research from Interbrand.

This year’s Best Global Brands report positions Apple (USD $234,241m), Google (USD $167,713m), and Amazon (USD $125,263m) as the three most valuable global brands respectively.

Apple and Google retained their top positions for the seventh consecutive year. Apple’s brand value grew by 9% (to USD $234,241), while Google’s grew by 8% (to USD $167,713m).

However, it’s bad news for Facebook (USD $39,857m) in 2019 as the social media giant drops out of the top 10 to 14th. The company was previously 9th and falls five places.

Facebook first entered the report in 2012 at 69, seeing a steady stream of growth in the following five years. At its peak in 2017, it was ranked at 8 with a brand value of USD $48,188m. The following year saw the brand slip to 9th, and after falling an additional 11.8% in 2019, it's now the 14th most valuable on the list.

Uber (USD $5,714m), in 87th, and LinkedIn (USD $4,836m), 98th, have joined the rankings this year, while another new entry is Disney, which returns to the top 10 in 10th place.

Here's the top of the list...

1. Apple (USD $234,241m)

Apple logo in front of a building

2. Google (USD $167,713m)

Google sign

3. Amazon (USD $125,263m)

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

4. Microsoft (USD $108,847m)

black laptop computer keyboard in closeup photo

5. Coca-Cola (USD $63,365m)

Coca-Cola LED signage

6. Samsung (USD $61,098m)

Samsung signage

7. Toyota (USD $56,246m)

vehicle driving through empty road

8. Mercedes-Benz (USD $50,832m)

black Mercedes-Benz car interior

9. McDonald’s (USD $45,362m)

french fries with tissue close-up photography

10. Disney (USD $44,352)

landscape photography of Walt Disney castle under cloudy sky

Click here for the complete Top 100 ranking and report.


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