TH_NK Selected to Design the Bank of the Future.

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We're proud to be partnering with Atom, the Durham-based firm applying to be the first bank designed for digital.

Atom ran a detailed competitive process to find a partner capable of merging functional innovation and personal security with an effortless customer experience. This critical, high value contract will produce the brand and design for integration into Atom’s core technology platform.

Anthony Thomson, Chair of the Atom Board, reinforced the importance of the relationship and the quality of TH_NK’s work to date:

“The team met half a dozen potential digital design partners but the work from TH_NK was stand out. In addition to their creativity TH_NK clearly share our vision and ambition to build a truly revolutionary proposition for customers. We have a unique opportunity with Atom and our creative and commercial partnership with TH_NK is going to be central to delivering our shared vision.”

Anthony Thomson, Chair of the Atom Board


“For us this is a dream brief - a disruptive challenger brand operating in a market that’s ready for change. The Atom team are both talented and ambitious and have a clear vision for how they will be changing the industry. Together we’ll be creating some amazing work in a partnership that already goes very deep.”

Tarek Nseir, CEO


“When approved Atom won’t be a remote bank; Atom will be closer to the customer than any branch could ever be. We have the opportunity to build services that go wherever the technology and the customer lead. TH_NK are going to make this happen with their digital design work. They understand and constantly challenge our ambition to empower consumers. They understand where we and more importantly where consumers want to be, and how technology will empower those choices.”

Stewart Bromley, Director of People, Atom


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