The only 'Authentic Weather' app you need!

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I'm new to London. Having come from the sunny skies of Brisbane, this unpredictable weather has me constantly trying to guess what to wear and whether or not to pack my umbrella. I've tried various weather apps, but are either vastly inaccurate or just make me frustrated trying to interact with them. 

Move over weather apps...  Authentic Weather is number one!

They say - "There are a lot of weather apps out there, but for some reason none of them really speak your language. Authentic Weather aims to bring it to the point & it’s also probably the most honest weather app out there. (sometimes a bit moody though)"

The designer, Tobias van Schneider is a multidisciplinary designer born in Germany, raised in Austria and currently living and working in New York City. Focused on Branding & Interactive Design he always tries keep a multi-disciplinary approach on all of his projects. 

As his website says... Tobias loves bacon, white russians and longbearding — He is a nice guy.












By Janet Duane


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