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The Annual Has Arrived!

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We would like to formally announce the release of our Annual! A huge year for the Creativepool team and the members. Inside is a diverse compendium of our favorite companies and individuals that make up this pool of talent. 

Broken down into the core sectors that define Creativepool; there is a showcase of the best work in 3D, Advertising, Digital, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging, Photography, Product, and the Web. We have specifically chosen this wide range of sectors, styles, geographic locations and skills to give you a reflection of the depth in our community. 


The Annual did make its way into 12,000 goody bags at Cannes Lions last month. But if you woukd like to request a copy for a feature in your magazine, blog, newspaperr, or to simply have on your coffee table.. Please give the Marketing Team a shout! We can't wait to see what amazing work will come out of the next year. 

The team would like to recognize all of those featured in the magazine. 


Cover Design: Richard Field 


Richard Winstanley    Rodri Garcia Gomez    Iain Bennett     Dulce Paes Reis    Vibe Studio    

We Are Fallon    Leo Burnett     VCCP     DLKW    WCRS

Mark Jefferies    Coley Porter Bell     Eren Butler     Brand Opus     Bluemarlin

BBH London      AKQA      Una Savic     hatched     

Graphic Design
Kamil Kamysz    Christopher Cheung   Mirko Albertin    Paul Stevens    Ivo Alvarez

Andrzej Kuziola     Dave Merrell      Matteo Reggi      Gasper Kovacs     Javier Medellin Puyou

James Bates      Ad Creative London      Elmwood      Wild Horse      R Design 

Marc Ambros      Julia Annabelle Schimel      Simon Friend       Andrew Ferguson       Dave Sheldrick

Matthew Seabourne        Martini Blanco Studio      BiColter     Matthew Lovell       Roberto Nicolo      

Donnie Suazo       Phillip Harper       Amaze      Adam Shabbo      Brandwidth Group




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