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#BR2016 life-changing hackathon theme for 2016:

How Can Technology Help Solve World Homelessness?

Business Rocks 2016 will host a global hackathon in a bid to help solve the ever-growing problem of homelessness through technology. ​From Manchester’s City Centre to the shores of the Mediterranean, homelessness isn’t just about rough sleepers and migrants fleeing war zones, it’s about the needed change in the hearts and minds of those in a position to use their skills to help solve the growing crisis.

The theme of the 2 day hack will educate some of the sharpest and brightest minds about the dangers, challenges and needs of the vulnerable. A panel consisting of the homeless from Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange project, scientists, developers, technologists, social housing and experts on the current migrant crisis will set the ‘tech for good’ challenge. This is a project inspired by the homeless, for the homeless

The Hack will comprise of 100 “Tech for Good” Hackers onsite across two days at Business Rocks 2016. The theme is “How can Tech Solve Global Homelessness?” with a focus on mental health service solutions through social media.

The Business Rocks Hackathon will kick off at 9 am on 21st April, with an emotive and idea igniting panel discussion of leading representatives from the media, social housing, technologists and experts on the current migrant crisis from across the UK and will also include local Manchester homeless representatives from Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange project to showcase the real issues that the homeless community are facing.

This panel will educate our hackers with further background and deeper understanding of homelessness in Manchester but globally.

Post the panel our hackers will work together in teams to produce life changing ideas and solutions. We see our Hackathon in a new light and changing the dynamic of focus on a functional idea rather than a clever idea without a practical application.

At 3pm on the 22nd April the teams will present their ideas to our expert panel who will review the suggested projects and the winner will be announced at 4.30pm on the Headline stage in-front of our BR2016 conference audience.

The winning idea will be piloted in Manchester with a view to expand it to other cities in the UK.


Day 1 - 21st April
Hackathon opens: 9 am
Hackathon Panel Discussion: 9:15 am - 10.15 am
Hackers break into teams and start hacking: 10:30 am
Teams hack with food, snacks and drinks supplied onsite till 10pm
A range of mentors will be onsite till 10pm

Day 2 - 22nd April
Hackathon re-opens: 9 am (Maybe 8am if Hackers wish)
Teams continue to Hack till 3pm
Presentations mentors and judges from 3pm
Winners announced on headline stage at 4.30pm

Hackathon Panel & Judges

Chair - Kieron Kirkland Director of CAST

Kieron Kirkland is a Director of CAST - CAST works with funders, investors, startups and nonprofits to make more tech for good happen. This includes running FUSE, the world's only digital accelerator for charities and a Digital Fellowship for charity leaders.

Panellist - Amy Varle Founder and Director at People's Property Shop

Panellist - Wesley Dove Homeless Campaigner

Panellist - Steve Carr Homeless Campaigner, Mind Canyon

Starting from the 1st of February 2016, Steve Carr shall be walking from Lands End to John O'Groats. This is a campaign to raise awareness for charities supporting homelessness and victims of mental health

Plus, two #BR2016 Hackathon panellists still to be announced including a high profile hacker and global social campaigner.

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