Why your small business must invest in cyber security

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that, since the internet has been around for such a long time and is used for everything including (and perhaps especially) business, that it's safe to use. And maybe this is why some business owners don’t invest in cyber security.

The problem is, this is a mistake. It’s true that the internet has been around for many decades now, but that doesn’t mean that it is free from crime. In fact, as time goes on, cybercriminals are only becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods and anyone can fall prey to an attack, including businesses that haven’t properly invested security. Here are some reasons why it's a good idea to do so.


Be trustworthy

A trustworthy business is a successful business, and vice versa. If your business is something that people feel comfortable and secure in using, they will use you more. Not only that, but they will tell their friends and family members and recommend you when the opportunity arises. Word of mouth advertising like this is priceless, and will only happen if a customer is truly happy with your service and how you run your business. Trust, therefore, is a key component in growing your business.

A business that is left unsecured and can be vulnerable to attack might seem trustworthy at first because, after all, no customer will know the extent of your cyber security and whether you are using high-quality tools such as endpoint protection from However, as soon as something goes wrong, and their important details are compromised, that trust is lost, and you will be hard pressed to gain it back again.


Better search engine rankings

It is every business owner’s dream to feature on the first page of Google, and ideally right at the top. When this happens, more people will know about your website when they search for whatever it might be that you are selling, and more people will click through to actually buy. This is why so much time, effort, and money is spent on getting SEO (search engine optimisation) just right.

One way to add to the many pieces that go towards creating good SEO for a business is good cyber security. Google takes user experience into account when dealing with the complicated algorithms it uses to work out which link goes where in search results. Using hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) in your URL is one way that this is measured, and will boost your rankings – it also protects your business from cybercrime.


No closure

If you suffer a cyber attack due to poor cyber security, there will be downtime. It could be a short time while you fix the problem and go on with your work, or it could be a much bigger issue meaning that your downtime goes on for a lot longer – it might even shut you down for good.

The longer a business is down, the less money it can make. Not only that, but the longer a business is down, the less likely it is that people will come back to buy from you when you are up and running again; they will be put off by the issues you have experienced, plus they will already have found another supplier to fill the gap.


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