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New Instagram Updates & What They Mean For You

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Yesterday Instagram announced a new feature, allowing users to add hashtags and profile links to their bio. The update comes a few months after Instagram enabled you to follow hashtags for further ease in exploring the topics you like and discovering new accounts linked to your interests. thus constantly growing your in-app community.

With all these new updates, spending time exploring your favourite things on Instagram has never been easier!
But what does it mean if you're trying to get noticed?

*Image by Rayambler7

For budding photographers and videographers, getting more reach for your work within the creative landscape is a big draw of the update.
Tagging your content individually, as well as your account now means double the exposure.

As for profile links?
Announce and promote collaborations, linked accounts, and inspiring users with a simple link to give your personal brand more depth and variation.

(Both can be added by clicking "Edit Profile' on your account)

*Image by Sudhir Sahani✈

Instagram's constant innovation with ease of use for its end users is seeing it secure it's position as a heavyweight in the social media top 5, with no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Predicted effects of this new update will see time spent on the app skyrocket with users searching, tagging, and following more than ever before. 


Image by Graeme Quentin Breydenbach

But, with more tagging ability than ever before, doesn't that mean more clutter to break through?
When everyone has the ability to cash in on easily increased exposure to their account, how will you make sure your work still stands out in a crowd enough to be noticed by the right people?

We'd love to hear what you think!
Share your thoughts on Instagram's latest update in the comments below.

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