Preparing your submissions for the Annual 2018

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The competition is heating up! With only three days left to submit your best work for the Annual 2018, we have put together a step by step guide to help you prepare your submissions.

Your Profile & Projects

  1. Upload your project, complete with a short description to help judges understand the context of your work.
  2. Credit everybody involved in the making of the project using Made It credits. This will ensure that your project receives maximum exposure, especially during the People's Choice vote. Last year, a phemonenal 102,843 votes were cast!
  3. In the 'Client' field, specify who the project was for. If your project was personal work, specify this in the client field.
  4. Make sure you have completed all the contact details on your profile. We may need to contact you about your submission.

Your Submission

Once your projects are successfully uploaded to your profile, you can begin to fill out the submission form.

  1. Choose the category you would like to enter in. To choose multiple categories for the same project, hold down Ctrl or Cmd and select as many categories as you'd like to enter.
  2. Complete the contact details for your client. If you win, we will send them a limited edition copy of the Annual 2018.

Your work will be showcased in the printed publication of the Annual and delivered to 7,500 industry leaders from around the world.



Project Description

The project description is made up of three vital sections, concept, execution and results.

These three fields provide the judges with the necessary knowledge and context of your work. 

The concept section is all about the brief, objective, budget, relevance to brand, target audience, etc.

The execution section is all about the elements, styling, materials, technology, process, development, scope, etc. 

This section is all about the reach, engagement, sales, accuracy to brief, etc.

Ready to go?

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Submissions deadline: 31st January 2018 - 23:59 GMT

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