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I was fortunate to be selected as a judge at this year’s Creative Pool Awards.

What did I learn from the experience? That it’s hard to be a judge of creative work – Even though I do it day in day out as Design Director at B&D.

The reason why it’s hard? Context (or lack of).

You don’t get to see the hours, the late nights, the worrying that you’ve hit a brick wall and will never be hired again, the conversations and arguments, the self-doubt and sleepless nights and the good and bad client decisions that determine the final outcome.

But, that’s just how the public view all creative work. Constantly.

It brought it home just how much of what I do as creative is judged. Be it positively, negatively, consciously or subconsciously – for a fleeting second or potentially for a number of engaged minutes (hopefully). Everyone is a judge. Everyone has an opinion, good or bad.

I’ve been on the other side many times, I’ve submitted (and won) a large number of awards in my tenure. But, that doesn’t prepare you for being on the judging panel – I thoroughly enjoyed it and the experience will serve me with my own work:

Everyone is a judge, and don’t you forget it.

Finally, congratulations to the winners in the Branding category of this year’s Creative Pool Awards, even though my own project was one of the shortlisted – I think the best work won.

Now, are there any projects you've created that you wish came with some additional creation context?


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