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Celebrity endorsements—great for brand recognition, potentially not-so-great if your celebrity endorser ends up embroiled in scandal. Celebrities are people and people make mistakes. Unfortunately, the mistakes of celebrity endorsers are played out in front of the public. For example, in 2009 Tiger Woods’ public image crumbled after his infidelity with a number of women hit the news. To avoid negative perception, General Motors, Gillette, Accenture and Gatorade dropped Tiger. And you can’t forget Lance Armstrong. When cycling’s international governing body determined that he indeed was involved in doping, the International Cycling Union stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and he also lost his endorsement deals with Nike, Trek Bicycles, Giro Helmets, 24-Hour Fitness, Anheuser-Busch, Radio Shack, and Oakley. Whether it’s trouble with the law, poor career choices or disastrous plastic surgery, when a star becomes tarnished, you don’t want your brand to be collateral damage.

Deciding on a famous face to associate with a brand is always a gamble. A celebrity could lose their fame/relevancy or they could simply change their image. This could result in a contradicting image of the endorsed brand. This reality has led many marketers to partner with celebrities whose status is already cemented in the public mind. These include stars who have passed away, but whose established legends and charismatic bodies of work continue to attract an avid following from consumers.

Corbis Entertainment is proud to represent an illustrious roster of artists, musicians, actors and cultural icons, from Albert Einstein, Steve McQueen and Sophia Loren to Marvin Gaye, Buzz Aldrin and Muhammed Ali plus many more. We license the name, image, and likeness of personas we represent to create compelling products and advertisements that resonate with consumers. Before you decide on a famous face to become the new face of your brand, talk to Corbis Entertainment. We can help you determine what legend from our amazing roster is perfect for your brand.

Our access to globally recognizable legends allows for distinctive brand associations that you won’t find anywhere else. 



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