How to live with a designer without killing them

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Does noticing uneven kerning in signage typeface, or a rogue apostrophe, make you do a little sick? When you see a wonky picture on someone’s wall, is the desire to straighten it so strong you stop listening to what they are saying entirely and hear ringing in your ears? Do you need all the television remotes to be aligned, and not just with each other, but with the edge of the sofa arm, the corner of the coffee table and the rug?!

“Yes,” we hear you say. "But my (delete as appropriate) partner/co-worker/housemate/cat finds me utterly, incomprehensibly intolerable because of these things that make me the amazing creative human I am."

Sane & Able’s Alan Long’s new book ‘How to Live With a Designer Without Killing Them’ is the perfect antidote to all those moments arguing about the correct way to organise the book shelf, the mis-matching office cutlery, and whatever other very important thing you need to make just right in order to live a normal, happy life.

This book is designed to help others learn to appreciate the weird and wonderful mind of a designer, saving relationships across the globe and giving people the opportunity to be enlightened by some of the fascinating ‘quirks’ that make you so special.

Why not give your loved ones the gift of seething acceptance this year by acknowledging your designer-specific qualities in handy book format. It’ll save them the bother of passive-aggressively pointing out that they genuinely don’t give a monkeys about keeping all the houseplants the same shade of green in each room, or making sure the Christmas dinner has enough colour and texture variation to be aesthetically pleasing. 

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