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Creativepool recently joined in with an initiative set up by Andi B where he was challenged to wear a new t-shirt every day of the year. Sounds like fun we thought, and who else are we going to get to wear those bright pink t-shirts of ours?

Here's Andi wearing our fetching t-shirt!

Andi B in his Creativepool tee














And here's what he said on his website:

"When Owen from Creativepool told me that he'd like to donate a T-shirt to my THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTEEFIVE challenge, I was delighted! I have been a fan of the London based Creativepool for years; reading articles from their creative blog authors, sourcing design work from their job boards and I even attended one of their industry evenings last summer.

Just before he posted the tee out to me, he mentioned that it might be pink.

"Haha. Not a problem"
Bright pink.
"Erm, ok, that's fine"
Stupidly bright pink.

Well I can tell you this. Owen is not a liar.

When I unfurled today's T-shirt from its equally flamboyant, metallic green packaging, I saw that it was in fact the pinkest T-shirt ever conceived.

Fortunately, I will not need to muster the full force of my metrosexuality to wear it, as smack bang in the middle of the chest is a print of a pirate-themed skull and crossbones emblem. Aha! What could possiby be more masculine than a pirate, (with the exception of Johnny Depp, obviously)?
I am a swashbuckling, rum-swilling, pillaging, horswaggling, buccaneer!

It is still pretty pink though..."

Follow his 36t5 day journey of t-shirts


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