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I know I am always banging on about how great East London is and I'm sure it is highly irritating for those of you who don't live here but maybe my ramblings on are perhaps slightly useful for those of you who do so here is the latest in the I heart East London saga.

There is a very exciting event happening at the moment, or rather, 200 events happening from now until the 25th July. The umbrella name for this ensemble is Create11' which is bringing the most exciting home-grown artists, designers, musicians and actors together to celebrate all that is East. The festival provides a platform for all sorts of events such as the 1234 Shoreditch music festival happening on the 9th July and the Free Range graduate show which is currently showcasing 100 of the top UK students work at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane rotating shows of design, graphics, photography, art and interiors until the 9th July. But elsewhere there are other quite amazing things happening and below lies an appealing little handful of things which are worth checking out.

Art On The Underground Acts Of Kindness.

This exhibit will be created by the artist Michael Landy in collaboration with London Underground customers and staff. Landy grew up and still lives in East London and most of his days start and end with a journey on the Central Line. He wants to celebrate ordinary acts of kindness and generosity via a series of posters he is creating based on the stories of human kindess sent in by tube travellers. Posters will start appearing across the tube network as of the 23rd of July and in the meantime you can submit your own tales to

East London Art Weekend

This weekend (7th-10th July) get your bottom down to the East end for a plethora of late night gallery openings, special events and exhibitions.

Pop-up Restaurants

In a hidden location in Canary Wharf, four of the best restaurants in London will be hosting pop-up dining experiences. It will be the best in seasonal British food served up by up and coming chefs. Nom nom nom.

Search Party

Go on a treasure hunt across the East via galleries, magic buses, film projecting bicycles, taste tests and hidden treasure all cumulating in a secret part with free gourmet food, dancing and other surprises, that is, if you complete the trail. July 23rd 2pm.

Duckie Lullaby.

I don't know about you but I am quite prone to falling asleep at the theatre, this is the perfect show if you are also that way inclined as you bring along your toothbrush and pjamas, book a single or double bed and then relax to soothing storytelling and moonlit serenades by the likes of Harriet & H Plewis, Matthew Robins and Tim Spooner before drifting seven hours of slow-wave sleep and then breakfast. Lovely! This runs til the 24th July at the Barbican Centre

These are my favourite events but you should really check out the website here to find out more. The rest of the world might know us for gangs, gun crime and overcrowded buses but we know there is a whole lot more to living East than that, let's celebrate it.

Jessica Hazel

Writer, blogger and vintage trader.


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