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by Ashley Morrison.


Cue fanfare! Cue fireworks! Cue lots of awards! For those of you who are longstanding members of the Creativepool network, you’ll notice that the website has been completely reinvented. They flicked the switch earlier this week, on 11th February, giving birth to the visual feast you now see before you.

So, new face, new image, funky new blog page – or ‘Magazine’, as we now like to call it. It’s the full monty of a full makeover.

I mean, wow. Just look at how slick this stuff is, will you?

It’s the visual version of an all-night party hosted by a pot of Brylcreem in a Hugo Boss suit, with an air diffuser smelling of Paul Smith aftershave wafting around… where Vivienne Westwood is handing out personalised T-shirts saying that you were her inspiration. It’s that cool.

If all this sounds a bit too random for you, let’s just say that the guys over at Creativepool HQ have been working overtime for months on this baby till they’ve got RSI in their clicky index fingers. They’ve been designing, they’ve been writing, they’ve been trying, they’ve been testing. And then they’ve been redesigning, rewriting, retrying and retesting.

This coming Monday, we’ll be publishing our first ever interview with Michael Tomes, the Managing Director of Creativepool. We’ll be finding out how and why a former designer from Mount Maunganui in New Zealand leapt across the continents to create and grow one of the most innovative, unique and influential websites for creatives in the UK.

We’ll also take a look at some of the great features of the new website: how you as a creative can post and link your experience to that of other fellow colleagues, by “tagging” yourself in a project. This means you can link yourself to absolutely everyone connected with that project and with that company – creating your own “web” of contacts and experience links on the internet. As they say over at Creativepool, “It’s all about the work!”

Then there’s my favourite section – the all-new Magazine. As ever, Jess, Magnus, John and I will be blogging every week with our thoughtful offerings on the creative landscape (and, in my case, the occasional wry outburst of indignation over something idiotic which winds me up), but now there’s so much more besides. Here in the Magazine, you can browse features, look for advice, find out about news and events, and read interviews with some of the UK’s top creatives.

MD Michael will be telling us all about it, and why Creativepool is the place to be for anyone involved in the creative industries in the UK.

So check back in on Monday and read Michael’s interview, Creativepool’s story, and what’s in store for the company’s new era…


Ashley is a blogger, copywriter and editor.



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