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What is Artist Boss? This project looks at the life and work of prolific sculptor Sir Anthony Caro (1924-2013) and his studio assistants. Throughout his expansive career, Caro employed studio assistants in the production of his work, and we are interested to ask how it affects learning, artistic practices and to see what happens to the assistants?

It provides a new unchartered approach on the reading of Caro’s work, artistic legacy, creative careers and sculpture today. The project was conceived in 2011 in Caro’s studio from discussions amongst Caro and his studio assistants and is the first extended engagement with the prominent artist and his studio assistants, with the range of material spanning five decades of art production.

The project aims to create access to new works and engage young adults in sculpture and creative career opportunities. The stimulus is to highlight shifting economic positions of artists today.


Why is this project important? This project is important because we believe in learning, pushing the boundaries and exploring creative thinking. This project reaches out to everyone. It is about making, and revealing the voices of individuals who make up the discourse of art history.

This is an exceptional project for the South East and South West regions to see this prominent artist and the new emerging generation of sculptors in a new way. It seeks to revise interpretations of British sculpture by documenting and studying the experiences of those who helped to make it, we aim to insert new narratives into art history. By engaging scholars with the need to enquire into these methodologies, this study aims to set the foundations for fresh analyses of creative identity, artistic practices and the economics of art in the modernist period and beyond.

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Publication:  Artist Boss: Anthony Caro’s studio assistants and issues of legacy in British sculpture. A publication by Jenny Dunseath co-editor Dr M. Wilsher. Produced by Wunderkammer Press set for release in August 2016.  

Featuring Anthony Caro, Tim Marlow, Karen Wilkin, Dr M Petry, Prof K Cross, Sam Cornish. Interviews with: Anthony Caro, Patrick Cunningham, Guy Martin, James Wolfe, Willard Boepple, Andre Fauteux, John Gibbons, Jon Isherwood, Shaun Cassidy, Ian Dawson, Beth Cullen-Kerridge, Gavin Morris, Tim Peacock, Hywel Livingstone, Jonathan Gildersleeves, William Fausset, Olivia Bax, Neil Ayling, John Wallbank. 


Anthony Caro Artist Boss: New Arts Centre Roche Court 19 Nov 2016 – 29 Jan 2017 An exhibition curated by J. Dunseath and M. Wilsher. Featuring works by Anthony Caro and former studio assistants; Ian Dawson, John Gibbons, Guy Martin and John Wallbank.

Artist Boss: Pool The Cut Halesworth 3 Sept 2016 - 4 Oct 2016 An exhibition featuring the work of Caro’s studio assistants and invited guests; Olivia Bax, Neil Ayling, Claire Baily, Hywel Livingstone, John Wallbank, Jenny Dunseath, Rafael Blasco Ciscar, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Charles Hewlings, Sophie Hoyle. Catalogue by B. Prendeville

Artist Boss at Bath Spa Late 2016 - 2017 Featuring images and documentation from the previous exhibitions, bringing together generations of Caro’s assistants.

A series of Talks and workshops will run throughout the exhibitions for everyone to take part in. A publication and website will continue legacy. 

*Image above: Caro studio 2013 Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd Photo: John Hammond.  Central image: Anthony Caro South Passage (2005) Steel, galvanised & painted red 231 x 346 x 173cm Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd Photo: John Riddy Collection: Private collection, Korea. Header image: 1/20th Scale models of Caros work in the Tearoom at Camden studio (2013) by Jaana Fowler. Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd Photo: John Hammond. 

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