Wunderman's diverse Wunder Hunter recruitment scheme is open to everyone

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Wunderman UK has underlined its commitment to a more diverse agency world, with the launch of Wunder Hunter, its entry level recruitment scheme. For the first time, the agency’s formal recruitment is targeting both university graduates and those without formal qualifications. This is to ensure it secures the best talent regardless of academic background. The scheme does not require a formal CV, instead applicants are shortlisted via an open ended questionnaire designed to test quality of thought. Wunder Hunter will be open to anyone aged 18 and over, and is aimed at school leavers, people returning to work, career changers and those from creative and tech backgrounds, as well as those with a university degree.


The change reflects Wunderman’s commitment to identifying the best talent to solve client challenges amid a fast-evolving industry. To accompany the new scheme, Wunderman has launched a new website, video and online and social media push aimed at widening the applicant pool. The Wunder Hunter scheme will offer four successful applicants the opportunity to join Wunderman. The Wunder Hunters will work with a range of different clients and the scheme offers opportunities in a rich array of disciplines such as UX, Customer Experience Design, Communications, Strategy, Data, Account Management and beyond.


The application process also takes a very different approach to the traditional graduate scheme, with applicants answering a series of questions, which will then be scored for strategic and analytical thinking. There are no ‘correct’ answers, as Wunderman is looking for a problem solving attitude to challenges. This approach aims to identify the right type of person for Wunderman, someone the agency describes as both curious and brave.


Questions asked include:

1. Decision Making / Problem Solving / Analytical Skills (150 words or less)

Imagine there’s a machine that produced £100, every month, for life. What would you need to know in advance to work out how much you would pay for it?

2. Creative Thinking / EQ (150 words or less)

Describe the colour “orange” to someone who can’t see?

3. Personality (150 words or less)

If a movie was made about your life, what would the title be and why?

4. Own It / Getting Uncomfortable (250 words or less)

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced, and how did you overcome it?

5. Passion for the Industry (150 words or less)

Tell us about the most iconic ad you have ever seen and how it makes you feel?


Pip Hulbert, chief operating officer at Wunderman, said: “Our Wunder Hunter programme has been designed to unearth the curious and the brave to join the Wunderman team. We want to find the best talent for Wunderman, regardless of their academic background. In return, we’ll provide a place at Wunderman for these people to exercise their gifts, discover who they are meant to become, and grow to become a true creative tour du force. This is all about unlocking potential.”


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