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BBH New York – Playstation

The latest edition of the Star Wars Saga, The Force Awakens, won't hit cinema screens until December 17 in the UK, but the marketing frenzy has begun already. Toys have hit already hit store shelves, and the final official trailer hit the internet earlier this week to overwhelming acclaim. PlayStation has hooked into the burgeoning Star Wars mania by theming its blockbuster Christmas ad around the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game. Created by BBH New York and directed by Lance Acord of Park Pictures, the film stars an exhausted office worker who becomes distracted by the childhood toy sitting on top of his desk -- an old R2D2 action figure clearly worn from much love and many hours of play. The robot sends him straight back to his boyhood, when he and his best friend spent countless hours living out their Star Wars fantasies. It all seems like but a trip down memory lane until the man's friend appears, manning a real X-wing fighter alongside R2D2, beckoning him to join their fight. Its concept promotes not just the game itself, but also the social experience of playing it through PS4 console group gaming.

BBH New York and Lance Acord of Park Pictures have created a gripping Star Wars themed Christmas campaign for Playstation

According to Playstation SVP of marketing Guy Longworth, the spot “Captures the incredible affection and nostalgia that PlayStation fans have for the Star Wars franchise,” and is an “Inspirational film that reinforces the Playstation brand promise that Greatness Awaits on PlayStation 4 and represents a wonderful invitation to the PlayStation brand for gamers of all ages.” BBH New York chief creative officer Ari Weiss, added: “As kids, we've all dreamed about being a Jedi and now (and for some of us many years later) PS4 allows you to immerse yourself in the fiction like never before.” The game is a partnership between Sony, EA and Lucasfilm and goes on sale November 17. Along with the new title, PlayStation will also be debuting two limited edition bundles that include a Darth Vader-inspired PS4, which comes with a wireless controller with design inspired by the dark lord's chest panel.

Clemenger BBDO – Foxtel

Filmgraphics Entertainment’s David Denneen directs an all-star cast, led by Star Trek legend William Shatner, in the latest campaign by Australian broadband provider Foxtel. Devised by Felix, Foxtel’s in house creative team, and Clemenger BBDO Sydney, “Introducing Foxtel Broadband: Powered By Entertainment,” sees Shatner abseil into a giant WiFi modem. The former Captain Kirk is joined by a host of Australian celebrities, including rugby star Israel Folau; the Melbourne Housewives; comedienne Magda Szubanksi; NBA star Matthew Dellavedona; Olympic sprinter Matt Shirvington; and Formula One’s Daniel Ricciardo. To cater to the availability of the cast, Denneen shot the celebrities out of sequence, predominantly against a green screen. Denneen then worked closely with Method Studios and creative director, Richard Swan, to create the background environments. One of the biggest challenges the team faced was not being able to shoot with Shatner until ten days before the delivery date, requiring Method to pull double shifts to ensure that the finished commercial was delivered on time. The result is rather impressive all things considered.

Clemenger BBDO have assembled an all-star cast, led by Star Trek legend William Shatner, in the latest campaign by Australian broadband provider Foxtel

Anna Fawcett, Executive Producer at, Filmgraphics, said: “When you work with David Denneen, you know you are going to get a first class production. I’ve been working with him for over 20 years and he always delivers. This campaign has so much entertainment and production value in it and it's tremendous fun. Our DoP, Russell Boyd, is the master and his lighting is sensational. The Method team did an outstanding job in delivering the CGI environments and effects. Foxtel were amazing to work with, so we’ve been blessed to come away with a great campaign and good memories – it doesn’t get better than that!”

Droga5 New York – Under Armour

Throughout the past few months, Droga5 has been producing work for several sectors of the Under Armour brand: Women's, Training, Global Football. Now, the agency is launching a beautiful film for the brand's Basketball division featuring NBA star Stephen Curry and actor Jamie Foxx. Under Armour and Droga5 decided to kick off the 2015-16 NBA season by reminding the world how Curry and his miraculous shot changed the game of basketball last year by breaking multiple records, including the most 3-pointers made in a regular season and most 3-pointers made in a single postseason.

Droga5 is launching a beautiful film for Under Armour's Basketball division featuring NBA star Stephen Curry and actor Jamie Foxx

The agency worked with award-winning director Henry-Alex Rubin and Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx to showcase Curry’s generational talent by giving him only a fraction of a second to see the rim before releasing his shot. What ensues is a pretty explosive display, even if you've never really cared for the game of basketball. The film also features the “Iron Sharpens Iron” Curry Two, Curry’s second signature shoe, which he will wear during the kick-off to the NBA season and will be available via select retailers around the world from the end of this week.

Just So – Bicester Village

Bicester Village, the designer outlet shopping centre, is launching a humorous new online campaign sending up impossibly perfect menswear advertising. The film, created by Just So, features an immaculately groomed bloke who describes himself as a “Sculptor, a filmmaker and more.” We meet him in his enormous studio as he talks about his passion for telling stories and “Feeling paper.” His studio is so enormous, in fact, we see him travelling around it on a Segway. In other words, he's a grade A douchebag, and the film goes to great lengths to underline his epic douchebaggery. The one-minute film ends with the words: “Too much? Style without the effort.”

Bicester Village is launching a new online campaign by Just So, sending up impossibly perfect menswear advertising

The campaign is launching to mark the opening of seven new menswear outlets at Bicester, including Balenciaga, Givenchy, Hunter and Mont Blanc accessories. Richard Ascott, managing director of Just So, said: “Luxury menswear comms have become quite generic. An aesthetic that started out as fresh has been over used and we felt it was ripe for parody. Bicester Village offers a truly luxury experience but it is more accessible. They wanted men to understand it is not an effort to shop there and it was fantastic to be able to have some fun with this.”

DLKW Lowe – Rémy Martin

DLKW Lowe has announced the launch of an exciting new global campaign for Rémy Martin Cognac that recognises and celebrates individual’s multi-talents with the help of Hawkeye himself; actor Jeremy Renner, who himself is something of a renaissance man. The new campaign tagline, “One Life/Live Them,” encourages consumers to explore and celebrate all their talents. It's a message that leads a global campaign, that will launch first in the US before rolling out worldwide. The fully integrated campaign is centred around a 60 second spot directed by duo Ne-O from Stink, which features the many talents of Renner in a bold and cinematic way. The film launches initially in the US on November 2nd. The campaign will also include a print and OOH campaign featuring Jeremy Renner, digital concept and display, and the One Life/Live Them tagline, along with exclusive, behind the scenes footage, will appear prominently in the brand’s social media channels.

DLKW Lowe has announced the launch of an exciting new global campaign for Rémy Martin Cognac starring Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner said: “I am excited to work with this iconic brand and to help launch this new campaign. The story of how to live your life really resonates with me personally. I think to fully realise one’s potential you must take action, remain curious, embrace your failures, as they are gifts, and honour your successes with humility. We are all many things and cannot and should not be defined by one thing, which is truly awesome.” Jamie Elliott, CEO of DLKW Lowe, added: “For too long the premium spirits category has represented the journey, often soulless, towards achieving a singular ambition. This campaign celebrates a new generation’s desire to enjoy life’s journey and express their multiple talents and in so doing redefine success. It has been a pleasure to develop it in partnership with the Rémy Martin team.” The campaign will be launched in Europe on Monday, 2nd November at La Maison Rémy Martin London, the brand’s private members club which perfectly embodies One Live/ Live Them. Spread over four floors of a beautiful Soho Townhouse, La Maison will host a selection of lifestyle partners who will reveal their hidden talents and who will encourage its members to explore their very own hidden talents and passions.

Honourable Mention (WMcCann – Microsoft)

Microsoft sought inspiration in people’s most incredible dreams to show Windows 10’s new features, in a digital campaign created by WMcCann for the Brazilian market. The commercial, which is on air on the brand’s channel, presents the new version of the operational system and highlights, among many novelties, the browser “Edge,” which allows users to make handwritten notes on the screen and share them via e-mail or OneDrive. The 90-second ad for the internet, alongside a 30-second version, shows how Windows 10 helps make one of these dreams come true. The character dreams of having an ice cream tree. So, her children use the Windows 10’s features to materialise the dream, together with Microsoft engineers. The film ends when the whole family enters a shed and surprises the mother with the actual tree.


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