Top 10 Ads of the Week: Dancing Spiderman, a coughing teddy and a very literal period drama

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Gravity Road – Three

Three UK and Gravity Road have teamed up to launch a new social film as part of the mobile network’s “Go Roam” campaign. Go Roam is the latest iteration publicising Three’s Feel At Home offering, which allows customers to use their phone abroad in 60 destinations across the world at no extra cost, including the EU, USA and Australia. To support the main ATL and PR activity, Gravity Road has created a short film that mischievously pokes fun at the global geo-political obsession with human migration vs the freedom enjoyed by our animal cousins. Comedian Joe Wilkinson (8 out of 10 Cats, Miranda) plays an unconventional news anchor delivering a monologue in which he playfully contrasts the freedom of wild animals – unaffected by roaming, border control – and migration politics. The film highlights the similarities in freedom that are also available to Three UK customers, who are now able to unleash their inner animal in even more places abroad and roam free. The film was created by Gravity Road, Three UK’s retained social, search and content agency. It was directed by Matt Huntley of Burger Films.


McCann London – Wimbledon

The All England Club, Wimbledon, has revealed the second phase of its global brand campaign designed to communicate the unique characteristics of The Championships to audiences around the world. “In Pursuit of Greatness,” which soft-launched in 2016, articulates the enduring commitment to improvement that drives the All England Club and The Championships, every day and every year. The campaign is founded on the AELTC’s long-term strategy to maintain and grow the Wimbledon brand around the world, and future-proof The Championships for years to come. The 2017 campaign begins with a global trailer, “A Year in the Making,” which brings In Pursuit of Greatness to life through the tale of the exacting transition from one Championships to the next, a year-long endeavour to create one of the world’s premier annual sporting events. The trailer will be supported by five content films, due to be released in the week before and during The Championships, each one focusing on a different Wimbledon tradition, each one its own unique pursuit. Created by McCann London, the content will be distributed by the AELTC’s global broadcast partners, across and Wimbledon’s digital media platforms, and through paid media across digital and out of home.


MPC Creative – Octopus

Investment management company Octopus has announced the launch of its new masterbrand, which brings to life the shared mission of Octopus’ existing six businesses under one umbrella brand. To launch the new masterbrand, Octopus is airing its first ever TV ad on Thursday 22 June running for five weeks. The ad has been produced by the multi-award winning MPC Creative under the creative direction of Julian Borra from The Thin Air Factory, and will be supported by a media and Video on Demand campaign realised in film. Octopus was founded on the principle that only by questioning the way things are can you make them better. It’s about refusing to accept the status quo and always looking to put the needs of the customer first. The ad looks to dramatise how wonderful ‘questions’ can be when turned to a bigger purpose. The advertisement takes this insight and translates it into compelling creative.  Question marks take the form of flying birds whose murmuration marks a strong, spectacular show of strength and purpose as they fly together. The "A brighter way" vision is amplified throughout the company’s touchpoints – so the website, logo and other collateral uses bright colours to underline the positive outlook and optimistic ethos of the way Octopus does business. The campaign is aimed at financially aware customers, expert financial advisers and influencers, all of whom Octopus’ research has shown trust mass marketing platforms like television, are heavy VOD users and employ relevant social media for business advancement, knowledge and networking.


St Luke's – Mooncup

This Summer, menstrual cup company Mooncup are launching their campaign “A Period Drama” on VOD for the first time. The decision to broadcast onVideo On Demand) demonstrates a growing appetite among consumers for alternatives to conventional disposable sanitary products. After launching A Period Drama online across 5 European markets, St Luke’s have worked with Mooncup to create a 30 second version of the online content film that launched in February of this year. The spot will run on VOD through to August. Hitting screens in June, the advert shines a light on the drama of disposable sanitary products, inviting viewers to leave the past behind and choose another way. It’s a big move for the small ethical business, punching well above their weight in the competitive feminine hygiene industry. With their business model centred on selling a one-off purchase, they do not have the multi-billion pound marketing spend of the disposable sanitary product giants. The film was directed by Sye Allen through Apostle, land aunched on VOD on June 19th.


Integer Italy – Roche

Ector, the first toy that coughs every time someone smokes next to him is set to protect children from passive smoking. One out of two children in Italy are regularly exposed to passive smoking. An to make people notice this otherwise invisible issue, Integer Italy have created Ector the Protector Bear; a teddy bear that coughs every time it registers cigarette smoke. Roche, the biotechnology company, teamed up with the most famous soft toy maker in Italy, Trudi, and the Fablab, a digital fabrication studio, to create the special teddy bear that works thanks to a smoke detector connected to an audio device inside him. The video above introduces Ector and features a family that gets to experience how Ector helps them protect their son from second-hand smoke throughout their daily life. Starting from November, Ector will be distributed during pre-natal courses organised by Walce, an NGO for Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe, who supported this campaign. It is also possible to request your own Ector by visiting the campaign’s website at and ordering one of 1000 very special teddy bears.


AllTogetherNow – iD Mobile

iD Mobile is spreading happiness with the launch of its new campaign #WeGotThis, created with and starring BAFTA award-winning actor Asim Chaudhry. Chaudhry brings his trademark deadpan humour to the launch film, "Control Room." Hard at work in iD Mobile’s "Secret Customer Happiness HQ," Chaudhry gets to grips with his new job as "Customer Happiness Officer." Going the extra mile, he successfully takes on his customer happiness mission, spreading news of the network’s simple new plan that offers bill capping, inclusive roaming and data rollover.  Fans of Chaudhry and iD Mobile can follow the action as it unfolds in three further films – "Beach," "Shower" and "House Party." Each one is based around one of the plan’s key features and will see the Customer Happiness Officer’s misguided attempts to go the extra mile for iD Mobile customers. The campaign, created by digital engagement agency AllTogetherNow, will run across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vevo and, for the first time ever, iD Mobile will also get snap happy on Snapchat. The creative campaign from AllTogetherNow will be amplified by M&C Saatchi PR, with media planning and buy from Blue 449.


Havas Milan – TIM

In this new spot for Italian telecom company TIM, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is played by viral dancer Sven Otten for the biggest superstar team-up since The Avengers. While we expect to see him swinging through the city and fighting the villainous vulture in the summer's biggest blockbuster, Spider-Man: Homecoming, here, web-head demonstrates some brand new skills that seriously have to be seen to be believed. The spot was created by Havas Milan and perfectly captures the more lighthearted nature of the upcoming film compared to the more serious recent companion Marvel films.


BMB  KP Nuts

BMB has launched a new campaign for KP Snacks’ brand KP Nuts, which will run across TV, VOD, OOH and Social. The TV spots go live today (22nd June), with both TV and VOD running until early August. OOH will run from 3rd July until mid July, nationally, while campaign activity will run on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from early July through to early September. Having not been on TV for 24 years, and with sales largely driven by Christmas, KP Nuts is keen to assert its taste superiority over own label brands. With the lines that KP Nuts are the ‘nut nut’s nut’ and ‘picked after 130 days’, the elephant in the room becomes literal as well as metaphorical in this execution, when the biggest ‘nut nut’ of all is accidentally served the wrong ones. The OOH executions also show a delicious bowl of KP Nuts moments from what we can assume is all out eating mayhem as our elephant’s trunk creeps into shot.


Cheil Brasil – Núcleo Memória

On March 31, when Brazil completed 53 years of the 1964 Military Coup, Cheil Brasil, in partnership with Núcleo Memória, a NGO who deals with issues related to human rights, realised the guerrilla stunt, Streets of Shame, in the city of Sao Paulo. The stunt replaced six street signs, which honoured Brazilian murderers and torturers, with names of well-known worldwide dictators and murderers. Replicas of street signs, with the names of Adolf Hitler, Augusto Pinochet, Benito Mussolini, Jorge Rafael Videla, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein, known for their atrocities and genocides, were placed over the originals street signs. As a second phase to the project Ruas da Memória, launched in 2015 by the São Paulo City Hall, Streets of Shame brought back to Brazilian society the reflection and discussion regarding the fact that killers and torturers are still honoured with streets signs. With the CTA “Who killed or tortured can’t become street name,” they brought back the discussion to citizens in Brasil who are also against such honours. Each sign that was placed on top of the original street signs had a CTA for people to go to the Campaign hub ( where they could learn more about the stories of the people involved in killing and torturing, but, most importantly, sign a petition to have those names changed for good.


Tribal Worldwide – SM Supermall

Most, if not all of us, find it easier to connect with out mothers than our fathers. We share our questions, worries, and even secrets with them. But for dads, well, that’s a bit more complicated. In the realm of relationships, dads are known to be the quiet but reliable ones. Our relationship with them are considerably functional - if we need somebody to pick us up, or we need something to pay for, etc. But behind all that, dads sometimes crave the attention, talks, and emotion we share with our moms. That’s why SM Supermalls and Tribal Worldwide decided to tell how dads really feel with “Daddy’s Girl.” The spot received the warmest welcome from SM’s fans and followers when it reached 2 million views in less than 24 hours. With over 5.8+ million views on Facebook, 148,000+ likes and 63,000+ shares - collectively reaching 13.4 million netizens as of press time - Daddy’s Girl has officially gone viral! That’s why it’s no surprise that people who were moved to tears and/or laughter were also inspired to share their personal dad stories in the comments section.


Honourable Mention – StubHub

Tents are as much a staple of the British festival season as wellies and dry shampoo. However, putting one up and in the right position can be tough, especially when the Great British weather isn’t on your side. Which let’s face it, never is. It’s either too hot, too cold, or too muddy. In fact, is there ever weather that it is good when camping? To give you a hand, comedian Alex Zane and ticket marketplace StubHub have launched a video campaign demoing how to put up a tent in extreme weather conditions, from torrential rain, to gale force winds to heatwaves.


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