Danish Cancer Society film is based on 50s TV show The Little Rascals

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Kids of the world come together in a new campaign for Danish Cancer Society and foundation TrygFonden to raise awareness about sun damage to Danish children.

Help a Small Dane, which takes inspiration from classic 50s TV show The Little Rascals, is set in Mallorca and sees local child, Ramon, urging small Danes to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

The film, created by &Co NoA and directed by Peter Harton, is a comedic follow up to the 2017 Cannes Lions and Clio-winning work, Help a Dane (bottom), which was aimed at Danes in general.

The latest instalment (below) shifts its focus to tackling sun safety for Danish kids so they can stop being “red and boring” and play with the other kids while on holiday.



Last year alone, four out of 10 children in Denmark were sunburnt abroad. Many Danes get as much UV radiation in a week in Mallorca as they do in almost half a year in Denmark and are at increased risk of skin cancer, including melanoma, in the long term.

“We wanted to use humour to get parents to take note of this embarrassing situation,” says director Peter Harton of Great Guns. “The creatives at &Co NoA, Ole and Kristoffer, are good friends of mine so we developed it collaboratively. Creatively, I think we achieved what we aimed for and it’s a charming and fun slap in the face to parents in Denmark.”

Considering the film is based on the concept of the 50s show The Little Rascals, the child actors were given clearly defined roles including the leader, engineer, ‘musical one’, arty one and the brainy one. Check it out below.

Recently, FCB created a series of ads for Nivea warning Brits about the strength of the sun at home as it can be as damaging as the weather abroad. Go Behind the Idea with the creatives on that campaign here.


Help a Danes, 2017


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