BMB have their hands full with £4.5 million Hula Hoops campaign

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Backed by a £4.5 million marketing campaign, this new work from BMB marks a bold new strategy for Hula Hoops, in a push that aims to appeal to more households across the UK than ever before. The campaign, which launched online first, kicks off with a film that will air on TV from the 2nd of March, with additional online content supporting through the duration of the campaign. The idea behind the campaign focuses on the national obsession of eating Hula Hoops off your fingers mixed with the national obsession of getting out of things you don’t want to do.

The first execution in the campaign features a comedic confrontation between a cashier and a bank robber. The robber bursts in and tries his luck only to be met by a cashier with Hula Hoops on her fingers who delivers the line, “Sorry love. I’ve got my hands full.” From this point, the robber’s day takes a turn for the worse. The ad ends with the strapline; “When it comes to the crunch it has to be Hula Hoops.” Directed by Jim Gilchrist from Outsider, the film brings a comedic twist to the tense and high-octane world of bank robbery, bringing a bit of Hollywood to Wood Green through the anamorphic lens of the Director of Photography, Tim Maurice-Jones, of Lock Stock and Snatch fame. VFX on the spot was by MPC, whilst media/planing and buying was through Vizeum.

The campaign will run initially for two months in February/March, returning for a further burst in August/September. This is the biggest ever campaign for Hula Hoops with TV, Social, Digital activity and in-store events all taking place across these periods. The main spot will be followed by series of extra scenes, also shot by Jim, which reveal to viewers what happens after the robber is outwitted by the cashier. Finally, the agency has created content for skippable online media, where the cashier Polly is unable to “skip” because she has her hands full, thus putting YouTube audiences on the receiving end of a Hoops “hands full” brush off. While this all happens within the first five-seconds of the YouTube spot, there is a bonus for those who choose not to skip.

Jules Chalkley, Chief Creative Officer at BMB said: “Our latest campaign for Hula Hoops builds on natural consumer behaviour with the product and amplifies it to provide a brilliant brand platform that could run for a very long time. “Sorry, I’ve got my hands full” is a genuinely ownable piece of language for the brand that we can’t wait to have more fun with.” Vijay Bhardwaj, Head of Marketing & Formats at KP Snacks, added: “Hula Hoops on fingers are a ‘hole’ lot of fun that we will continue to celebrate. This latest campaign dramatises the fact that no one wants their Hula Hoop break messed with – and now we have the perfect excuse to keep tucking into our Hoops – ‘You’ve got your hands full’!


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