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DDB Stockholm turn McDonald's Happy Meals in VR experiences!

Happy Goggles

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal in Sweden, McDonald's has developed the Happy Goggles, an idea developed in collaboration with DDB Stockholm. By re-folding the Happy Meal box, customers can create a pair of Virtual-Reality glasses, which make it possible to experience Virtual Reality when combined with a smartphone. The Happy Goggles, which were developed with the help of child psychologists Karl Eder and Fadi Lahdo, are a test designed to modernise the Happy Meal and provide a digital experience in addition to the physical toys usually found in the ever-popular boxes. McDonald's is also launching a VR skiing game for Happy Goggles users to play on their new toys. Called “Slope Stars,” the game is a 360° virtual skiing experience endorsed by the Swedish National Ski Team. It will be available from Friday, March 4th, and can be found via the official Happy Goggles website.


The Happy Meal is a perfect platform for reaching out to family customers through experiences that focus on play and learning” Jeff Jackett, Marketing Director at McDonald's Sweden

adam&eveDDB create first cinematic ad for gluten-free brand

Genius Gluten Free – Hedgehog

Genius Gluten Free, the UK's number one gluten free bakery brand, is to become the first gluten-free brand to advertise in UK cinemas, with the launch of its “Animals” advertising campaign. The adverts, which first aired in May 2015 as part of an exclusively digital campaign, will return to target over one million cinema goers over a period of five weeks, driving awareness of Genius Gluten Free. This will be followed by a mixture of VOD spots across 4OD and Mail Online, YouTube and Facebook impressions, as well as targeted display advertising aimed at consumers who may be considering a move to a gluten-free diet, as well as those who already follow a gluten-free lifestyle. The advert, created in association with adam&eveDDB and directors Kyra Buschor & Constantin Paeplow, features three uncomfortable looking, animated characters (a duck, a hedgehog and a robin) designed to highlight the side-effects, such as bloating, often experienced by those with gluten-intolerance.


Research shows that cinema advertising is more effective than TV in terms of recall, so we’re confident the campaign will drive awareness and penetration for Genius and the category” Genius Marketing Manager, Alison Atkinson

DDB Singapore inspire the next generation of teachers

MOE Singapore – Why?

Following a pitch last year, the Ministry Of Education has appointed the DDB Group Singapore as its agency of record for the next three years, and has celebrated this appointment with the launch of an integrated media campaign to encourage teaching as a career. The campaign, “It all begins with a teacher,” kicks off with a 3-minute online and TV film that tells the story of a student and his teachers bravely challenging our social norms of success and failure. Produced by Freeflow Productions, the cinematic tribute, which was only released two days ago, has already struck a chord with teachers, teachers-to-be and the grateful students in all of us, with the film inspiring hundreds of moving tributes to teachers on Facebook.


Whilst there’s great privilege to be working on the MOE account, there’s also immense pressure to do justice to the amazing vocation that is teaching” Khalid Osman, Creative Director at DDB Group Singapore

Spike DDB explores the brand of Brooklyn

Brooklyn Made

The Brooklyn borough of New York has always been at the cutting edge of culture. It is estimated that 1 in 7 Americans can trace their immigrant heritage to or through the bustling streets of Brooklyn, and today, it stands as an example of America's diverse future, with 64% of its population not being white and nearly half of its population having a language other than English as their mother tongue. From breaking the colour barrier in baseball to being home to America’s second largest public art museum, Brooklyn is at the centre of culture creation. To celebrate and further promote this cultural richness and heritage, Spike DDB, the agency set up by film maker Spike Lee, and the borough's Chamber of Commerce, sought to certify goods produced in the area and explore the core pillars of “Brooklyn the Brand” in the new “Brooklyn Made” film. Participants in the project included Spike Lee, Brooklyn Brewery, anthropologist Marcus Watson, DJ Spinner, and a series of small Brooklyn business that are branded as such.


With this film, we found an opportunity to tell a story to our industry, and it's educational for brands to see this: Be clear, focused and concise if you want to build your brand in a real way” Victor Paredes, Managing Director of Spike DDB

DDB Vietnam steps up as marketing solutions agency


DDB Asia has announced its plans to partner with the Vietnam Trade Alliance in a game-changing move to transform DDB Vietnam from a creative shop into a marketing solutions agency. Walter Blocker, Chairman and CEO of the Vietnam Trade Alliance (VTA), will head up DDB Vietnam to tap into the country’s growth in e-commerce. Under Blocker, DDB Vietnam will offer marketing solutions in digital, e-Commerce, Shopper Marketing, Data-mining and Brand Management. It will work closely with DDB’s regional hub office in Singapore, especially with Tribal Worldwide Singapore’s team of digital technologists and the team of shopper marketing experts at TracyLocke. DDB Asia has also appointed Peter Cheung, Business & Planning Director, based in the Singapore hub office, to help drive DDB Vietnam growth. This reflects yet another move by DDB Asia with its hub-and-spokes operating model under its new DDB Asia CEO David Tang. The DDB Singapore hub is expected to lend its expertise and support to local DDB offices across Asia. The appointments are effective immediately.

I am truly excited to be a part of DDB, which is pushing the frontiers of new economy marketing and e-commerce” Walter Blocker, Chairman of DDB Vietnam

DDB South Africa use Instagram to combat food wastage


Storage bag brand Glad wanted to build awareness of the global food wastage problem and demonstrate how their products can provide a simple solution, so they worked with DDB South Africa to come up with a campaign that would get their target audience talking. The result is “Instaglad,” a campaign specifically developed to target the people who are most relevant to Glad products; those who love their food so much they can't help but post photos of it on Instagram, and the thousands of people who follow them. Normally, these food pics would just get likes and comments from friends and followers, but the idea behind the campaign is to prove that with Glad products, food lasts longer. So, they took the Instagram users' mouth watering pictures and sent them back to them two days later, still fresh, covered in glad products. During the campaign, hundreds of pictures were posted to food lovers including celebrity chefs and social influencers, posts that were also picked up, seen and shared by all their followers. The response was astounding, achieving thousands of views and just as many likes. As they say, the proof is in pudding.


Food wastage is a global problem. Every day hundreds of tons of food is thrown away, and it’s not only food that’s gone bad, but leftovers that are still perfectly edible”

Anderson DDB bring creative directors and budding talent together with Cdfeedback


Networking with creative directors and gaining constructive feedback on ideas can be a daunting task for seasoned creatives; let alone up-and-coming art directors, copywriters and designers or students graduating from school. But now a free new service is helping the next generation of talent to connect more easily with creative directors for timely guidance and advice. Created by the health and lifestyle experts at Anderson DDB, the new mentorship platform; invites students and young creatives to connect with creative directors from across North America and the United Kingdom to ask them for honest feedback on their portfolio. To allow for ease of use, the submission process simply entails having students and young creatives sending a creative director an email and attaching their portfolio as a PDF or sending a link to the selected creative’s personal site. also includes a section of helpful articles and tips by Heidi Ehlers of Heidi Consults and by Suzanne Pope’s Ad Teachings.

With this new platform, young creatives gain direct access to CDs, who have agreed to review ideas and provide feedback at a time that is most convenient for them” Tony Miller, VP ECD at Anderson DDB


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