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Clemenger BBDO Melbourne help young women face their fears

Clemenger BBDO have teamed up with feminine health brand Libra to launch a platform that helps young women learn how to deal with the things that hold them back. The campaign will launch with three inspirational women talking about facing their deepest fears. Singer Megan Washington talks candidly about her debilitating stutter, 

Actor Miranda Tapsell talks about the impact bullying and racism has had on her life, saying she quickly learned, and yoga entrepreneur Sammy Veall reveals she didn’t want to be known only as “The girl who got burned.” The campaign aims to promote the I Am Fearless web portal, which is a place women can visit, to share their own stories, and to feel they are not alone as they face their fears, big or small. The campaign will launch this weekend with a 30 second TVC and several digital videos. 

The campaign will continue to unfold over the coming months with the online platform remaining fresh with a constant stream of updated articles, posts, images and real life stories.

Clemenger BBDO and Libra have launched a platform that helps young women learn how to deal with the things that hold them back

Jenny Nolch, general marketing manager at Libra, said: “Young women on the cusp of adulthood are experiencing a lot of firsts in their life – first job, first car, first flat, first day at uni. It’s both an exciting and a terrifying time. I Am Fearless is about inspiring these women to recognise that fear is a part of life and that moving outside your comfort zone is a big part of maturing as a person.” Clemenger BBDO Melbourne executive planning director Paul Rees-Jones, added: “It’s significant for a brand to be tackling real cultural, societal issues in a category that has historically talked product features and benefits in a somewhat juvenile manner. When we talked to young women, they felt Libra had permission to do more. When we asked them about their fears they began to realise not facing fear was holding them back. Shining a light on those fears, acknowledging them and talking about them with people they trust didn’t make them disappear altogether, but it made them far easier to tackle and and learn to live with.”


BBDO New York rallies against texting while driving in shocking campaign

This year marks the fifth anniversary of AT&T’s award-winning It Can Wait campaign, which is focused on curbing texting while driving. The campaign is more relevant now than ever, with a recent survey finding that 7-in-10 people engage in smartphone activities while driving. So now, AT&T is taking the message one step further with a modern day, integrated and technologically savvy cross-platform campaign, by highlighting the growing usage of smartphones from behind the wheel.


The idea: no use of social media, web surfing, video chat, email, etc. is worth a life. Created in partnership with BBDO New York, AT&T’s creative agency partner, the multi-media campaign includes 30 second spots, online teaser ads, a longer-length companion digital piece and a 3D virtual reality simulator, all designed to capture a more lifelike experience of the potentially deadly consequences of glancing at your phone while driving.


Clemenger BBDO introduce “Fantastic Man” for V Energy

In a series of (aptly) energetic new spots from Exit Films director Benji Weinstein for Frucor's energy drink “V Energy,” a rather quirky new superhero and his energy drink fuelled alter-ego are introduced in an offbeat and inventive way. Created with Clemenger BBDO Sydney, and created as a follow-up to the brand's successful “The Massive Hit, That Improves You A Bit” brand platform, this new campaign reveals Weinstein's slightly obscure and offbeat take on the world, with a dramatic, crash zooming spoof that's sure to give you a laugh.

V Fantastic Man is a quirky campaign from Clemenger BBDO Sydney and Exit Films for Frucor's V Energy drink


V Energy marketing manager Craig Harkness said: “BBDO and Benji have done a great job at bringing the consumer insight to life. V isn’t going to make you a demigod, but it will make you a slightly better version of yourself.” Paul Nagy, Clemenger BBDO Sydney ECD, added: “V has set itself up as a brand with an honest promise - which is rare in the world of advertising, let alone the category. Vikings was massive for us, so we knew Fantastic Man had to be a bit better. I think it is.” Weinstein, meanwhile said: “Every V Energy project is another opportunity for me to screw up the brilliant creative that Clems and the Frucor team have come up with. It’s a huge treat to work with creatives this funny and clients this bold. Despite the massive language barrier created by our various accents, we still manage to have a good time.”


BBDO NY employees share their Snapchat Stories

Last week, BBDO NY invited a number of its departments to participate in a “Snapchat Story” challenge to find out which story-telling techniques on the app work and which ones don't. The game was part of the agency's ongoing effort to weave technology into the day-to-day lives of its employees, especially as brands continue to use the Snapchat app to share content.


Each story had to be tied to a daily theme, giving employees the chance to explore the feature and discover the best way to tell a story with it. The idea for the challenge came from director of integrated production David Rolfe, who challenged his production department to experiment with Vines when the video-sharing service first came out. Later, BBDO rolled out the Vine-based “Fix in Six” campaign for Lowe’s.


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