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We're giving our members the chance to win £50 of Amazon vouchers every month - just by setting up their company on Creativepool.

It's quick and easy to set up a company on Creativepool. There are hundreds of companies already using Creativepool to showcase their creative work, connect to creatives, publish news, or find talent. 


How it works

1. Open a company profile,

2. Upload a project or projects,

3. Tweet us the link to your new company profile using #creativecompanies


Email us a link to the profile.


We'll select a winner each month to receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

We'll also give a big shout out to the winning company profile.


Company Registration


Not convinced? Find out more about how Creativepool can work hard for your company to make sure that people are taking notice of your message.


Network through the work

Everything you upload can be linked to the individuals that were a part of creating it.

When you upload an app, or an ad or illustration you helped create, add everyone else involved to the credits so that they can enjoy the glory too.

Creativepool gives creatives the opportunity to get credit where it's due. If you didn't upload a project but were involved in it's creative just click the Madeit button to add it to your own portfolio.


Publish your own news

Companies can publish news anytime they choose to their profile. Share it with your Creativepool network and your other social media channels.

The top news each day is added to the Magazine, giving you even more exposure.


Find the latest and greatest talent

Build a network of the most talented creatives industry.

Connect or follow creatives that catch your eye and add their creative work to your Pools to refer back to later.


Company Registration



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