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McCann – Chevrolet

From Like to Love

Facebook has now become such an integral part of our lives that even a relatively minor new feature becomes a major news story. Jumping on the bandwagon of Facebook's new “Reaction” buttons, which allow users to now react to a post with something more specific than a simple “Like,” McCann have celebrated the more dynamic range of emotions we can express with one click with their new online spot for Chevrolet. Underlining the fact that it's one of the first videos to incorporate the new feature, the one-minute, Facebook-only video pays homage to the new button that allows their fans to not just “Like,” but “Love” the new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. The video takes us through a series of moments, such as a mother holding her newborn for the first time and a child’s first day of school, running home that point that for some things, a “Like” simply isn't enough. Honestly it's a pretty adorable spot, but I'm far too cynical to take it seriously. I do appreciate the sentiment though, and the idea is not only inspired, but bang on schedule!

To give out consumers the opportunity to love us through Facebook Reactions adds a new dimension of meaning that helps us grow closer to everyone who loves our cars and trucks” Paul Edwards, VP of Marketing for Chevrolet

AMV BBDO – Nutmeg

Just Nutmeg It

Not To Scale, the award-winning film and animation studio, and BAFTA nominated animation director Matthias Hoegg, have worked alongside AMV BBDO to create a delightful multi-platform campaign for online investment management company Nutmeg. The “Just Nutmeg It” campaign includes major print coverage on the London Underground, and a 30 second ad that builds on the unique, quirky humour of Xtranormal; an online platform that allows internet users to create animated videos using text-to-video technology. The film is driven by a dialogue between two characters, one enjoying the simplicity and convenience of investing with Nutmeg, the other battling with the daily chores that come with other types of investment. The humour comes from the contrast between the emotionally charged lines and their deadpan delivery. Visually, the style builds on the charming simplicity and slightly low fi charm of the automated videos, which results in a slightly rigid animation style of a 3D world. It's one of those ads that would actually seem a little cheesy with a more refined animation style, but works thanks to the low-key nature of the piece.

In an industry that is renowned for being complex, expensive, opaque and intimidating, we are very different, and our stand-out advertising style demonstrates this” Martin Stead, Chief Revenue Officer at Nutmeg

Kitcatt Nohr – Dogs Trust


I love dogs, so it's unsurprising that this latest spot by Kitcatt Nohr for the Dogs Trust tugged at my heart strings, honestly, they didn't even need to try that hard! Still, there's a gentle hand at work here amidst all the schmaltz, and the central pooch is absolutely adorable. The #specialsomeone campaign, and this accompanying video, hopes to raise awareness of rescue dogs and persuade anyone thinking of getting a dog to visit a Dogs Trust centre and change a rescue dog’s life forever. Research undertaken by Kittcatt Nohr highlighted a significant trend in dog purchasing behaviour, which is that the growing trend in buying new dogs online has, to an extent, resulted in the rescue dog being forgotten by all but a very special type of dog owner; the “Quiet Heroes.” These are people who would never consider themselves heroes, but to the dogs they are giving a new life to they certainly are! The campaign aims to overcome the buying trend by bringing to life just how important a special someone is to the dogs they bring home. It will run across TV, press and digital channels and it made me cry a little. I'm not even remotely ashamed to admit it!

Our creative idea focuses on real, scruffy, funny, but loveable dogs, and what YOU and Dogs Trust can do to change their world” Simon Martin, Creative Director at Kitcatt Nohr

180 Amsterdam – Moyee

End of Days

Ethical coffee chain Moyee have released a new integrated campaign from 180 Amsterdam, which takes a dark and dramatic plunge into the unfair universal truths of human nature, but assures us that, whilst there are many unfair things in the world, Moyee is not one of them! 180 Amsterdam was tasked with bringing to life Moyee’s forward-thinking FairChain business model, which moves far beyond fair trade by investing directly in local coffee roasters and sharing its proceeds with local growers and entrepreneurs in radically transparent ways. The campaign comprises film, radio, print, social and digital executions. Two films and three radio spots are launching now, with the remaining executions going live later in the campaign. All films were shot by Director and Founder of Camp David Films, Robert Jitzmark. The film above, rather grandly titled “End of Days,” features a shocking montage of apocalyptic imagery, reminding us that one day, probably sooner than we think, everything we've ever known or loved will be gone. It's pretty bleak stuff, but the final reveal that “Moyee Coffee is fairer than that” is legitimately funny and handled with a deft touch.

Moyee are brave, radical and want to change an unfair world. We are proud to share a cup of creative ambition with our caffeinated cohorts” Al Moseley, President and CCO at 180 Amsterdam

Fold7 – Gumtree

Ooh Imagine

I'm including this one because it's genuinely rare to see an ad featuring elderly people that isn't incredibly patronising (here's looking at you Specsavers). Created by Fold7, Gumtree's new spot was shot across multiple windswept locations, including Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex during the tail end of storm Gertrude. It stars an older couple finding a nifty little sports car (a red convertible Volkswagen Karmann Ghia) using the online listings tool and imagining what adventures could be ahead of them in their new ride. It's far from ambitious, but it's very sweet, and is a clever way of letting consumers know that it isn't just tech savvy millennials that use Gumtree. Shot by the wonderfully named Arni Thor Jonsson from Dark Energy Films, the spot is the latest spot in the “Opportunity starts on Gumtree” campaign, which kicked off last month with an equally charming spot starring a father using the app to buy his daughter her first piano. The third TV advert in the series is due to go live in March and focuses on Gumtree’s jobs category. It will tell the story of a man imagining himself rise up the ranks starting as a kitchen assistant, a role he finds on Gumtree, to run a Moroccan inspired pop-up food truck. How delightfully quirky!

This next wave of our Opportunity starts on Gumtree campaign shows the power of the creative idea to elevate the brand far beyond its transactional legacy” Harry Sheward, Managing Partner at Fold7

Honourable Mention: J. Walter Thompson London – KitKat

Mobile Parking Lot

KitKat and J.Walter Thompson have teamed up to offer people a break from their phones as part of a new campaign that aims to draw attention to the fact that people today can’t stay away from their phones. The chocolate brand wanted to offer people a “Phone free” break and turn their meetings into a more pleasant sharing break that might inspire their next ground-breaking idea. To this end, J. Walter Thompson London created a special Break package, which it sent to to 120 innovative companies and start-ups across the UK, inviting them to park their phone and take a break together. It strikes me as a little ironic that the lion's share of consumers will probably be using their phones to watch the clip, but the idea is solid, and the actual package, which takes the form of a literal parking space for your phone, looks great. I could definitely see the concept expanded further.

Benjamin Hiorns is a freelance writer and struggling musician from Kidderminster in the UK.


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