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The written word is a funny thing. It’s something `almost all of us have a basic understanding of and use every day to reply to emails, forward distracting memes to our co-workers and message our significant others about dinner. But how often do you really think about what you’re writing? 

A copywriter is always thinking about what they’re writing. They’re analysing every last syllable and putting together pieces of content like a complex puzzle until everything fits just so. It can mean deleting entire paragraphs of waffle or swapping out a few lines and phrases here and there but it is all meticulously crafted and considered and it’s always “for a reason.”

But what do the very best copywriters look like and, more importantly, what do they read like? Let's take a gander at 10 of the most creative and reliable copywriters on Creativepool and find out.

Emily Jeffrey-Barrett - Among Equals (see header image)

A creative strategist and Copywriter with a strong focus on sustainability engagement. Emily is also the founder of Among Equals. In Summer 2020, in what she describes as a ‘potentially mad move’, she quit her great, stable job at a brilliant agency to set up her very own agency and the results so far have been nothing short of inspiring.

Rickie Marsden - Havas

Bald creative or bold creative? Whichever you need, Rickie has got you covered. He's always got a side hustle and a new project in the works, some might say a few too many. He likes to bring a bit of social good to the table and has been all about that side of things before it was the in-thing to do for brands that needed a bit of kudos. He's also managed to nab a few awards along the way, if that’s your thing. From Cannes Lions to Kinsale Sharks … and other metalware that isn’t related to animals.

Andre Felix - WhatsApp

Andre is crazy about ideas, especially courageous ideas that lead people to reflect. He's a multidisciplinary madman focused on concepts, product design, and interactive experiences. He believes great creative comes from a focusing on the right questions, and not the right answers. His work is interactive. He solves problems by thinking and making, from idea to execution. And he believes creating experiences is about finding the soul of an idea and then making sure that everyone else can identify to that soul.

Angel Capobianco Storey - Freelance


Angel is an experienced, award-winning Creative Copywriter, skilled in both content creation and strategy, who specialises in developing forward-thinking campaigns for high-profile global brands, including Always' #LikeAGirl. Her background in acting and experience with character development, storytelling, and improvisation provide her with the unique ability to shape a brand's tone of voice and produce engaging, creative work that gets people talking.

Neil Williams - Freelance


With over 20 years of experience as a Creative Director, Head of Copy and creative, Neil has created successful campaigns for some of the world's leading brands. From re-branding airlines and tackling terrorism; to reigniting a British motor racing icon. Neil is award-winning, creatively driven, and strategically-minded, capable of securing new business, building and nurturing teams, and creating a collaborative agency culture. He believes in creative bravery, keeping things simple, being an inspiration, integrity, the importance of craft, continually learning, a healthy amount of chaos, and always remembering to be yourself.

Rodrigo Sant'Anna - David The Agency  


Rodrigo Sant'Anna is a Brazilian Creative Copywriter with more than 14 years of experience in advertising. He started his career abroad in 2007 through the Miami Ad School internship program. He then spent a year in London and New York before returning to Brazil to work for some of the country's top agencies. Over the course of his career, Rodrigo has created award-winning campaigns recognized by major advertising award shows such as: D&AD, Cannes Lions, The One Show, Clio Awards, London International Awards, Effie, El Ojo, Wave Festival, Brazilian Creative Club Festival, The Columnist Awards.

Sarah Lefkowith - FCB Inferno

Sarah is a writer and ad creative currently at FCB Inferno. She grew up in Los Angeles, spent half a decade in New York, and now lives in London and writes ads by day and other things by night. Nice to meet you. She like to make charming, clever, and unexpected stuff. She's consequently channel agnostic, though has got soft spots for digital, film, social, experiential, and product/business innovation. But ideally, we're talking integrated, solutions that work for brands through and through. Her work has been recognised at shows including Cannes, D&AD, LIA, and the Kinsale Sharks. She's also been named both one of Campaign Magazine's Future Creative Leaders and a Rising Star on the BIMA Hot 100.

Matthew Low - BBDO

Matthew Low is pushing for the best work possible. In just 6 years he's worked his way up from intern in BBDO NY's summer program all the way to Associate Creative Director, working on multiple clients, and running Dunkin's social media accounts. Whether it's selling an anthem spot for AT&T/DIRECTV as a jr to help win a new business pitch, or handling the set design on low-budget projects, Matt prides himself on creative that moves the needle. In addition to everything advertising, Matt founded a podcast called Bouncing Back where he has interviewed over 115 people in the ad industry who have lost their job during COVID19 - giving them a platform to sell themselves to recruiters. Outside of work Matt is either eating dumplings, walking his dog, watching sports, flying a drone, or buying new sneakers.

Nicolas Perez - Wolf BCPP


A bilingual Creative Director / Copywriter from Chile with 10 years of broad experience working in different countries and creating integrated campaigns for regional brands, Nicolas is a born team player. He's also detail-oriented, able to learn and adapt quickly, with great presentation skills and capability to lead integrated projects, assuring excellence in craft of all campaign executions. Nicolas is passionate about ideas of every kind and always looking to create groundbreaking work.

Helen Haeusermann - Freelance

In the past 25+ years, Helen has worked for major brands, on international campaigns, on every media and for the best agencies and brands in Germany, the UK, the US, China and Spain. A natural copywriter who not only likes writing headlines and TV scripts, she especially likes the conceptual phase of the creative process. Strategic thinking and solving problems, whatever the product may be, is still what fascinates her about her role in advertising. And to work in a team and mentor younger creatives, is what she loves most.


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