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The Freelancer Grind: Networking

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Networking is separate to finding clients because it’s not really about getting work, but meeting people. I know personally how hard this can be, being an awkward dude with a shit ton of anxiety.

Talking to strangers is tough, but you’ll be surprised how open a lot of people are, especially at networking events or meet ups where everyone is there for a similar reason.

Networking events are great and there’s bound to be a bunch on every week in pretty much every city. Head online to websites like Meet Up or Eventbrite and see what’s happening around you. Take your business card and head over to see what’s happening and who you can meet.

Networking doesn’t have to be face to face, the internet is also a great tool. I’ve met many designers and creatives on Instagram and Twitter. At first, it’s just about admiring their work or asking some questions about a project which can lead to seeing how you can help each other out.

I’ve had most of my work come from designers and directors who have recommended me to their current clients, or someone who’s been asking around for a motion designer in their social or work circles.

Networking is great, and it’s key to always remember you don’t have to work with everyone you meet; this is important to building great lasting networks and relationships.

I’ve always had this thing that the clients you work with should WANT to work with you. After all, they are getting you onboard to help out on their projects. Therefore the transaction of services should be mutual meaning you have a balanced business relationship.

Check out Creative Mornings. They pretty much have free events in every city all over the world and keep connecting with people on this platform, Creativepool, too to continue growing your global network.

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