Talent Insights Report Q4 | 2017: The UK Digital and Creative Sector

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The digital and creative sector contributed £84 billion in 2016 to the UK economy and accounts for 1 in 11 jobs.

However, the digital and creative sector is extremely broad and the distinction between ‘digital’ and ‘creative’ is constantly evolving and becoming far less clear. Both Marketers and Advertisers are striving to find engaging creative solutions in a data driven world. The long-term success of this industry is dependent on the UK continuing to have access to diverse talented individuals.

This talent insights report produced by Guidant Group in partnership with Gemini People focuses on the UK’s digital and creative sector primarily from a marketing and advertising perspective lifting the lid on some of the glaring talent challenges the industry is currently facing from statistics surrounding diversity and inclusion, skills shortages and the rapid advancement of technology.

Key areas include:

  • Digital and Creative Salary Overview
  • Driving Diversity within the digital and creative sector
  • How can employees appeal to talent

You can download the report here


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