Special K and Katie Piper Bust Brand Myths and Tackle Social Media Critics

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Special K has teamed up with courageous TV presenter Katie Piper in a new digital campaign which aims to bust myths wide open and challenge common criticisms surrounding the breakfast cereal. In a bid to tackle tricky questions around nutrition, taste and brand image, the campaign strives to open up conversation about Special K in a series of blind experimental videos and advertorial activations on leading Hearst platforms.

Using Piper as the voice of Special K, the campaign aims to reshape perceptions of the cereal, challenging social media criticism, branding it “tasteless, unhealthy diet food.” The presenter invites the public to separate “the iconic red swimsuit” and ridiculous diet challenges of the 90’s from the food sold in markets today, echoing Kellogg’s commitment to the brand and highlighting its credentials.The campaign is centred on a series of videos, one of which sees Piper dishing out Special K’s recently launched Nourish variant, touting its nutritional values and attempting to change people’s ideas about what the healthier option tastes like. In another spot, the model asks pedestrians how much sugar they believe is in a single serving of Special K, before revealing that it amounts to one teaspoon per recommended serving.

Muscling in on the sugar debate and responding to the concerns of increasingly health-conscious Brits, the campaign primarily looks to challenge the perception that Special K contains high volumes of sugar per serving. Kellogg's recently removed 10% of the sugar from the health-conscious cereal as part of the cereal giant's ongoing commitment to improving and adapting its products to meet the evolving needs of modern Brits.

Katie Piper is a great brand ambassador for Special K, because she is passionate about the cereal and enjoys the benefits of eating it”

Commenting on the digital campaign, Ambassador Katie Piper, said: “I am very excited to be working with Special K once again as the brand continues to move in a different direction. When we were shooting the content it was interesting to get out into the public and see what people really think about the food. I was surprised to see how many people were misinformed and enjoyed giving Special K the opportunity to respond to the criticism.”

The Hearst partnership kicked off this month with a Woman’s Health social take over, the campaign will continue to run on their platforms, such as digital banners and VOL, until September. Backed by a £3 million investment, the digitally lead content will also run across all Special K channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The reappraisal will include PR activity. Hearst are responsible for the videos in the campaign and @olihillyer_riley was responsible for the images.

Special K Brand manager, Emma Birks, added: “For years Special K was associated with the woman in the red dress or the two week diet challenge to fit in to your bikini. We know our customers have moved away from this style of dieting and towards nourishing their body through a healthy lifestyle – they want to eat well and feel confident the brand can deliver this. This latest campaign re-educates customers about our food. We're tackling challenges around being 'just diet food', sugar and the goodness of the cereal, so that the key barriers to purchase are removed and women are reminded how nutritious and delicious Special K is.”


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