Sainsbury’s schedules tweet for wrong day as followers react

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A Sainbury's Twitter admin named Daniel published a tweet early on Friday morning that was meant to go out on Saturday causing a barrage of amusing responses from the supermarket chain's followers.

"Morning folks! It's Saturday, which for me is fry up day! What's on your Saturday breakfast menu? Daniel," states the post, which was sent from the @sainsburys handle at 6.69am as commuters were waking up and considering their journeys into work.

The tweet included the frying pan and egg emoji as well as a smiling sunshine icon, which was particularly interesting considering sunrise wasn't until around half an hour later.




However, despite the blooper, the jolly message was welcomed by some of the account's 527,000 followers with sarcasm and witty replies.

"Could you call my boss and tell him it's Saturday Dan? I'm going back to bed," said @nijinsky70 while others took it a bit too literally. "Good morning Daniel. If today is Saturday, please explain why I’m about to get out of bed and get ready for work?" said @ChampJodie.

@Specsavers also got in on the fun by tweeting: "We love the traditional Full English. Sausage, bacon, fried egg, eye test, beans..."

Some got creative with their responses, considering how a future Dan could be of assistance: "Hi Dan, if it is Saturday, can you give me the lottery numbers for last night please? I'll go halves with you," said @CarolBN10.


In 2014, JCPenney launched a stunt that fooled consumers into thinking it was sending drunken tweets

Despite making the error, the post has worked in Sainsbury's' favour getting everyone talking about the brand. Could it be a PR stunt as we've previously witnessed with brands such as JCPenny and its Tweeting with Mittens Super Bowl campaign?

Either way, Daniel has gone down a storm on social media and some even joked about rewarding him with a pay rise for brightening up everyone's Friday morning. 

"Hey @sainsburys. I think Daniel deserves a raise. He’s been working so hard he’s knackered. Please be nice to him. (If you turn out to be one of those companies that disciplines staff for making a minor error on social media a lot of people will be *very* cross & boycott.)"

It'll be interesting to see what the supermarket has in store for its Twitter account when Saturday eventually does arrive. And if you're stuck for breakfast inspiration, here's its recipe for that full English.


Full english breakfas image


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