Recruiting After the Pandemic In the Design Industry

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The pandemic has changed the way we live and work.

For the past few months, employees around the world have been working remotely, getting their projects done with video conferences and online project management.

It also has definitely changed the recruitment process in the creative industry. Due to the pandemic lockdowns and economic fallout, many companies can't help but fire some of their creative talents. It means that they also have gone into a hiring freeze due to the uncertain future.

Now that businesses are gradually opening and people are returning to the office, it's crucial to plan your hiring strategy to target the best designers that can bring your company any good after those uncertainties.

While you're still dealing with this new normal after the pandemic and adapting to the new reality in a crazy rhythm, there's one thing you could see for sure; the future of hiring is here.

Below are some best practices in recruiting designers in the wake of the pandemic.

1. Set Clear Expectations

One of the best tips in the post-pandemic hiring is to be realistic with your expectations and make those clear in your job posting. The designers that are currently looking for a job are most likely interested in new normal trends like remote working.

It's important to highlight the flexibility of your job postings to attract the best candidates. Also, make sure to clear up your expectations too.

2. Emphasize Remote Working Skills

Designers learn from each other and progress faster as a team. Therefore, besides the design skillset, another critical skill that you need to find in candidates is communication skills.

While we're still in unprecedented times, it's important to make sure that your designers' candidates have the ability to communicate their ideas and their design vision. Every little miscommunication compound wasted time and energy in a remote setting of the design industry.

3. Rely on Online Recruiting

You can rely on online job postings and online interviews to recruit a new designer. Create recruitment videos, explainer videos about open positions, creative banners, or catchy illustrations to catch candidates' attention easily.

You can also expand the reach of your online recruitment by joining the design communities and portfolio sites. Those include 99design, Awwwards, Behance, and more.

4. Opt for Social Media and Job Boards

Besides those communities and portfolio sites below, you also should tap into social media and potential job boards. LinkedIn provides you with tons of design communities and groups, making it easier for you to find potential candidates.

Meanwhile, some of the job boards you should explore to make sure that your best candidate doesn't slip through the net are Fiverr, Upwork, Design Jobs Board, If You Could, Design Week, CreativeGuild, etc.

For a quick and effective recruitment solution, you should also consider Creativepool to help you find talented candidates who will effortlessly push your company forward.

5. Offer Creative Incentives

Using incentives for your recruiting process helps you build your brand and encourage high-quality candidates to pursue your company.

You can offer them competitive benefits, flexible work schedules, relaxed work environments, overtime payments -- any perks and enticements that the candidates can get when they work in your company.

It's clear that online hiring has become a new norm in the recruitment industry. When the pandemic struck, creatives have started their freelance businesses out of necessity. Now it's time to find them and help them to pick up their game through new-normal recruiting. 


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