Plenty's refreshing and colourful animations for Viacom

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jelly's award-winning art and motion studio, Plenty, have created a series of superb animations for American mass media giants, Viacom.

The eight animations, which were created to celebrate the start of spring in New York, are an exciting and refreshing new addition to Plenty’s already impressive show reel. Executive Producer, Inés Palmas says, “It’s very different from everything we have done lately and it brings a fresh air to the studio.”

Based on New York City landscapes, the team designed and animated 2d characters which were then mapped over real urban backgrounds. The different characters engage in everyday situations during the colourful spring and summer season, when the streets are bustling with renewed spirits, the flowers are all in bloom, and the Central Park Lake glistens in the sun.

Watch the full animation here.



Directed by: Plenty

Creative Direction: Pablo Alfieri

Art & Motion Director: Elda Broglio

Executive Producer: Inés Palmas

Producer: Clara Etcheverry


Illustration, Character Design & Cell Animation: Mau Lencinas
Compositing: Edgardo López Osornio


Illustration & Character Design: Pablo Alfieri & Mau Lencinas
Animation: Juan Casal
Compositing: Mariano Farías & Matías Mastrogiano


Illustration & Character Design: Elda Broglio
Animation: Ezequiel Torres
Compositing: Mariano Farías & Matías Mastrogiano 


Illustration & Character Design: Carolina Carballo
Animation: Carmen Angelillo
Compositing: Edgardo López Osornio


Illustration & Character Design:Mau Lencinas
Animation: Patricio Molina
Compositing: Edgardo López Osornio


Illustration & Character Design: Mau Lencinas
Animation: Pato Molina
Compositing: Edgardo López Osornio 


Illustration & Character Design: Elda Broglio
Animation: Sergio "Kechu" Slepczuk
Compositing: Edgardo López Osornio


Illustration & Character Design: Elda Broglio
Animation: Luis Suárez
Compositing: Edgardo López Osornio


Client: Viacom

SVP Brand Strategy & Creative: Cheryl Family

Executive Producer: Matt Herron

Director & Screen Content: Matt Hanson

Sound Design: David Nazario

Supervising Sound Editor: Andrew Pomeroy

Year: 2015


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