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Our friends at Mother have teamed up with Stella Artois, Palma Pictures, 1stAveMachine and Matt Damon in order to put across a very serious message in a rather beautiful way. Around the world, over 663 million people still lack access to clean water and Stella Artois is supporting Water.org, charity committed to ending the worldwide water crisis, with the Buy A Lady A Drink campaign to help change that, and bring more clean water to the developing world.

Buy a Lady a Drink

To celebrate its partnership, Stella and Mother London created a contemporary art installation using nearly 600 glass chalices. The four metre high construction takes the form of a 3D zoetrope, which rotates at speed to create a stop frame animation on each chalice and tell the story of how a woman’s life changes with access to water.

“Stella Artois continue their drive to help end water poverty with the extremely successful Buy A Lady A Drink program in partnership with water.org”

The campaign revolves around a new 90-second ad from Mother and 1stAveMachine, which shows a revolving tower of Stella's iconic glasses as a voiceover touts Stella's commitment to the quality of water in its beer, then describes the story taking shape on the glasses, which show painted stills of a woman who's traveled hours to carry fresh water home. It's a slick, hypnotising spot, which strangely neglects to mention that the lager brand brought clean water to 290,000 people worldwide last year, but then the whole point is to gain further donations, not focus on past successes.

Learn How Water Leaves a Mark


Dani Rotsein, Line Producer at Palma Pictures, who helped produce the zoetrope film, describes how the creative team put together the plexi-glass sculpture in Binnisalem, Mallorca: “The zoetrope structure was very complex indeed. Bob Partington, one of the directors, came over to Mallorca weeks before the shoot to run some tests with the Art Director Martin Van Der Meijden. The art department team worked for two months on the project from design to completion.

The art department team worked for two months on the zoetrope from design to completion”


Rotsein continues: “The sculpture was built in their workshop, tested and then four days before the shoot it was deconstructed and moved to the studios in Binnisalem. Since the construction of the helix involved so many moving parts as well as suppliers it was essential that we kept to the very strict schedule. We arranged for the chalices to be laser printed locally, so it was crucial we had the drawings for each on time to allow Martin and his team the time to cut and place them on each glass by hand.” Sounds complicated, but I'm sure you'll all agree it was worth it!

Leave a Mark with Matt Damon and Stella Artois

Head over to the Buyaladyadrink micro site to donate $25 and guarantee five years of clean water for one person in the developing world. You'll also get a slick free limited edition chalice for your efforts from one of three designs. This year's designs feature the creative work of Wini Awuondo (Kenya), Michele Manuel (Haiti) and Daniel Cortez Torres (Peru). Stella Artois will also donate $6.25 for every limited edition chalice sold (from up to 90,000 chalices) in the US to Water.org, which equates to five years of clean water, totalling 450,000 years’ worth of clean water for families in the developing world.

Head over to the Buyaladyadrink micro site to donate $25 to Water.org and claim your chalice


The Buyaladyadrink site also includes a personal plea from Matt Damon, in a companion film delivered alongside the zoetrope. There's also a documentary-style version of the spot capturing the story of Guillermina Hernández, a 35-year-old mother in Honduras who describes how access to water improved the lives of herself and her family. In all it's a solid campaign with some wonderful creative energy and a strong message. We are 100% behind it. 

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