Indigo Design Award Announces 2020 Shortlisted Design Winners

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Indigo Design Award is thrilled to announce our shortlisted 2020 design winners in all areas from Best Graphic Design to Games and Discovery of the Year. We spent the past year scouring the globe for the best in visual design from jaw-dropping illustrations to logos that pop, causes for the greater good, and the hottest in innovative web creation. From a long list of submissions, we were wowed for the third year in a row and can’t wait to showcase our winners in the following six unique categories:

- Graphic Design of the Year
- Digital Design of the Year
- Mobile Design of the Year
- Games Design of the Year
- Design for Social Change of the Year
- Discovery of the Year

It is our mission to uncover raw talent and designs that inspire, move, and make a difference across any platform, application, or device. Indigo Design Award seeks those who aren’t afraid to push the envelope or make their voices heard. As contestants from all over the world have continued to impress us with their talent it has become more challenging to narrow down our list of winners; however, our hand-selected panel of judges have arrived at a consensus for who will take home this year’s Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention.

Working diligently and with precise effort to represent our contenders from over 50 countries, we have uncovered the pioneers, the trailblazers, the inventors, and the leaders in 2020’s digital design. Submissions are evaluated by the panel of 48 design professionals by way of quality, originality, function, and relevance to each topic. It comes to no surprise that these winners have exceeded all expectations, as their submissions brilliantly combine all these characteristics and more.

Recipients of the prestigious Indigo Design Award have their works showcased on a global platform in efforts to boost recognition and attract new clientele; in turn, our accolade shines on any resume and signifies a show of thanks for such hard work and dedication. Not only is this achievement a fantastic marketing tool with bragworthy street-cred, but who wouldn’t want to walk away a winner? Our 2020 frontrunners make a worthy addition to the Indigo family and we couldn’t be more thrilled to show them off.

Shortlisted Winners Competing for the Main Category Award:

In Graphic Design:

*-Hillside Re-branding — Eme Design Studio
-Paradise Mills — Bridge PHX
-Tip Top Men’s Skin Care — Cascara Creatives
-Pop-Up Magazine Opening Show — Rafael de Araujo
-2020 ARPHIC FONT LIBRARY — Hong Da Design Studio
-TMT Outlook Launch Event — PwC
-The Story of Our Workflow — Explainer Videoly Sdn Bhd
-The Racing Manager — A living, Breathing Brand — Vitamin London
-Willow Biosciences 2020 Rebrand — Critical Mass
-‘The Hustle’ Opening Title Sequence — Peter Anderson Studio
-‘Good Omens’ Opening Title Sequence — Peter Anderson Studio
-Das hundische Herz (Heart of a Dog) — Christian Gralingen

In Digital Design:

*-Feals — Herman-Scheer
-HAN Kjobenhavn Website — HelloGreatWorks
-Codex Atlanticus — The Visual Agency S.r.l.
-Magneti Marelli 100 — Triplesense Reply
-The Neverlands — ActiveColor
-21 for 2020 — MarketColor
-GoDaddy Brand — GoDaddy
-Majestyk | A Digital Product Studio — Majestyk

In Mobile Design:

*-Noisy Book — Lumen Digital
-Macy’s Mobile App- Redesign, AR/VR, Style Quiz & Inspo — Macy’s
-The Open Source Digital Assistant — INFICON SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
-TTMM-s FOR Fitbit Versa — TTMM Sp. z o.o.
-Ecooter Smart App — YUZHE DESIGN
-Headed South: Bringing Motion Sense to Life Through Play — ustwo
-Kitchen App — Grohe AG
-fromAtoB. Travel Your Way — FromAtoB.de

In Games Design:

*-Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia — ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.
-Medulla Game — Lemonado Games

In Design for Social Change:

*-Dyson on: Breathe — Joseph Sinclair Parker
-Moments That Survive — Purpose
-Create.Refresh — Purpose
-Visual Identity Suite — The Ohio State University | Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme
-EVA — Evidence on Violence and Alternatives for Women and Girls (“EVA — Evidencias sobre Violencias e Alternativas para Mulheres e Meninas”) — Café.art.br
-Organized Crime Index- Africa — Café.art.br
-CurrenTime — Royal College of Art
-TopicType AUS — Vitamin London

In Discovery of the Year:

*-TEDxCambridgeUniversity2–17 — Oliver Canessa
-Big Beat — Yerim Gu
-Ramble Magazine — Chantelle Lam
-Foreign/Familiar — Noni Devora
-Frank Gehry: Creating Feeling — Jung Eun Han
-House of Israel — Xiyu Zhang
-SPLIT | Interactive Title Sequence — Cindy Kurniawan
-Flights of Fancy — Noni Devora
-Repact — Daniel Pelletier
-Cremula — Individual Skin Care — Albina Safina
-Stitch — Kajal Boghara
-Lucia — Geethika Simhadri
-Noa — Darren Wells
-Sleep patter book — SO-HYEON BAE
-La Suite Bleue — Huixin Xian
-The Fallen — Gabriela Melina
-Museum of Bad Art — Hye Jin Cho
-Discovering Greatness — Ruonon Hu

The main winners for the 2020 Indigo Design Award will be announced on May 12, 2020. While each year Indigo Design Award hosts a memorable gala in one of the world’s glitziest cities where participants can accept their award in style — this year’s events have been canceled. With everyone staying safe from Covid-19 we have decided to throw our party next year but that doesn’t mean we won’t go the extra mile to honor our winners today!

To find out more about Indigo Design Award check out our website: indigoaward.com


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