Getting around the danger of click bots in digital marketing data

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With an overabundance of noise reaching out to customers every day, marketing needs to be relevant and aim for quality to stand out among the sea of competitors. Which can only be done by improving customer experience across all platforms.

However the potential to reach accurate data for your marketing campaigns is challenged by the presence of click bots, which is forecasted may cost companies $44 billion globally by 2022. How to take these bots out of the equation? And why does it matter so much?

We reached out to Stewart Boutcher, Founding CTO and Data Lead at Beaconsoft, to learn more about the topic of accurate data in digital marketing.


The benefits of accurate data in digital marketing campaigns

With an abundance of information available to aid in marketing and sales, data has the potential to create a wealth of opportunities for businesses both large and small that advertise online.

Ever since the mainstream internet came into being, data has been on hand to provide vital insights that allow marketing and sales teams to better understand consumer behaviours so that they can then tailor their strategy accordingly in a bid to drive market growth.

However, the delivery of accurate data is threatened by the widespread presence of digital ad fraud – often in the form of ‘click bots’ – which Statista forecasts will cost firms a total of $44 billion globally by 2022.

Though ad fraud is a very real danger to business’ digital marketing budgets, the emergence of new analytics technologies like Beacon means that companies can now identify click bots and take steps to tackle them – thereby receiving reliable data that can be used to make better, more informed decisions. 

But how exactly does accurate data benefit your business’ digital marketing?

Reach the right people

Your digital marketing campaigns offer a prime opportunity to find those customers who will not only convert and buy from you, but who will also show loyalty by repeating their custom and become ambassadors of your brand with their friends and family.

Analytics tools can provide valuable demographic information about a user’s online habits and interactions with your website, so that you can more accurately identify what their specific needs might be. 

This information can then allow you to customise your advertising to match potential customers with the products and services that would be most relevant to them, boosting consumer satisfaction and making them less inclined to shop around in the process.

Identifying what works and what doesn’t

As there’s a good chance that the presence of bot clicks is distorting the accuracy of your digital marketing data, this makes it especially difficult to assess the performance of your tactics, strategies and campaigns.

Removing bots from the equation, therefore, enables you to more easily identify the areas of your marketing that are working, and which areas are in need of improvement.

Once you have pinpointed where your efforts are yielding poor results, you will then be able to focus your time and money on the areas showing high conversion rates, allowing you to get a higher Return on Investment [ROI].

Enhance customer experience

Gaining insights into your target audience is not only an effective way of bringing in more sales and revenue – it can also help you to improve the purchasing experience for your customers.

As consumers are likely to receive numerous promotional emails and print ads through the post each day – most of which will be discarded – you have to ensure that your marketing stands out by being both interesting and relevant to them. 

The collection of accurate data – through the use of customer satisfaction surveys, for example – can provide a wealth of information on who your audience is and what kind of ads and marketing messages they care about. 

When a customer sees that you have taken the time to think about their experience with your brand, they are far more likely to be loyal and do business with your company again.


It is clear that accurate digital marketing data and analytics bring many benefits to marketers and customers alike. 

Secure in the knowledge that their insights are not being skewed by ad fraud, firms gain a clearer picture of consumer habits and needs, allowing them to make smarter choices about how their digital marketing budgets should be spent to boost ROI.

As companies continue to collect this information, the range of products and services on offer to customers also improves and expands, leading to greater satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

The key to achieving all of this, of course, lies in the identification and removal of ad fraud from your marketing channels, because without a clear indication of how your campaigns are performing, making cost-effective decisions that will lead to high levels of conversion becomes a much more challenging task. 

At a time when so many people are under significant financial pressure – companies and consumers alike – ensuring that every single penny of your digital marketing budget is spent as wisely as possible has rarely seemed quite so vital.

Stewart Boutcher is the founding CTO and Data Lead of Beaconsoft ltd. Header image: Klaudia Skalska.


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