Cutting through the noise to grab the best talent

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Having the right people on board is vital for a business’ success. Without the right talent, in the right role, at the right time, growth can be much slower – and can even reverse.

The battle for talent has never been fiercer. Organisations are fighting to appeal to a limited supply of jobseekers – and the gloves are off! Smart businesses are using new ways to attract talent, harnessing the power of video, animation, interactive websites and real-world collateral to capture potential employees’ attention, leaving traditional job ads for dust.

Why a new approach works


Simply put – the jobs market has changed. The power is with the employee right now – businesses are crying out for talented people and this puts jobseekers in a very strong position. Not only are they able to pick and choose from countless organisations, they’re also in a position to barter for benefits, higher salaries and the hybrid working set up that suits them.

Simultaneously, what jobseekers are looking for is shifting. As flexible and remote working became the norm over the last 18 months or so, candidates are more open to the softer benefits that make for a better work/life balance.

However, they’re also more aware of the ‘faux benefit’: fresh fruit in the office and drinks on a Friday afternoon are unlikely to sway today’s jobseeker. They’re more likely to be motivated by genuine employee engagement, freedom in the workplace and the authentic experiences of their would-be colleagues. 

Businesses need to recognise this new marketplace

Placing a text-only job ad with a ‘competitive salary’ and a list of mandatory benefits presented as workplace perks is not going to see the top talent in the sector come running.

Reframing your business


Key to securing the top talent is working on polishing your company’s image and creating a desired organisation to work for. Focus on communicating the benefits loud and clear to attract the cream of the crop.

Video is one of the most compelling tools for this. Short films share far more about a company’s ethos and approach than any written testimonial or written recruitment ad. Use real people to provide a view with integrity – deliver a believable message, not too polished and not too prepared. That means no actors, no scripts, just honest views.

The key with video is to create an accurate illustration of what it means to work for your company. Document life in your business and highlight opportunities that lie ahead. Promote your best and more unique offer in order to catch candidates’ ete.

Using professionals to handle your video filming and production means that you will get the best out of your colleagues nad team. They’ll use interview techniques that generate emotive responses which are heartfelt, genuine and reflect the viewer’s own values.

Well-designed collateral is also an important tool. Sharing your company values and mission statement are a good way to give a genuine insight into how your business operates – but make sure these are appealing to look at, concise and not full of jargon.


Finding the right talent should be a top priority for business growth and it’s therefore vital that hiring managers and HR teams put proper resource into finding that talent. In today’s market, that means shaking things up and trying a 21st Century approach.


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