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Create Britain is a national initiative, spearheaded by Creativepool,  to celebrate and champion the creative industries and the £100 billion+ value they help to generate for the UK economy each year.

Create Britain has already received significant backing from a number of key industry players including Ogilvy Mather and Ogilvy Labs, School of Communication Arts, Talenthouse,  Shaun Clarkson of Channel 4’s ‘Four Rooms’ and Shaun Clarkson ID, Inspiring Interns, The Marketing Store, and Clerkenwell Design Week amongst others.





Clerkenwell Design Week

Shaun Clarkson ID

Inspiring Interns

The Marketing Store

Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovative Solutions at Ogilvy & Mather comments: "It has never been more important for partnerships and collaborations - it is impossible to know everything and  everyone in this ever changing, exciting landscape - where the convergence of creativity spans across all platforms and disciplines - Ogilvy Labs working with Creativepool will keep up to speed with this diverse creative talent."


Marc Lewis, Dean at the School of Communication Arts, who will be speaking at the BAFTA launch event said: “As someone who cares deeply about helping young adults to reach their creative potential, I’m thrilled to lend my support to the Create Britain campaign. Our school is a platform for generations to share ideas and knowledge and Create Britain shares the same passion and vision. It’s fantastic to see an initiative that will take this sentiment nationwide, reaching out to communities and creative industries across the country. This is just the start of the journey but Create Britain has a very bright future.


Maya Bogle, Co-Founder of Talenthouse commented: "If we don't want to live in a grey World then we have to nurture, recognise and support creative talent.  It's increasingly difficult with the free distribution of content and the competition to break into the creative industries for artists to derive an income from their talent.  Talenthouse is committed to creating opportunities for creatives to work with famous artists, brands and each other as well as creating a new source of income for artists through brand sponsorship.  We're thrilled to be supporting "Create Britain".


The Create Britain initiative has begun to make waves in the industry with coverage from The Drum, Web Designer and Computer Arts.







What does Create Britain mean for you?

Creativepool is collaborating with major brands and companies to promote and celebrate the importance of the creative industries in the UK economy. By forging relationships with key players in the industry we bring you a step closer to interacting with the most sought after brands.

Between the end of March and the end of October 2013 we will be connecting with creatives and brands to bring you an event roadshow. Through the tried and tested formats of soapbox talks from industry leaders, exhibitions, portfolio reviews, and the all new Meet the Masters, we will provide a platrform for brands and individuals to become submersed in a world of creativity and experience the potential change this can bring about.

Keep up to date with upcoming events


If you'd like to be involved in Craete Britain, or would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact us.



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