Bearded Fellows Creative Studio win Best Micro Enterprise at The Big Chip Awards

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On Thursday 23rd June, Salford based company Bearded Fellows Creative Studio won Best Micro Enterprise at The Big Chip Awards.

The accolade marks the company’s third award win in six months, following wins at The Prolific North Awards in May and The Talk of Manchester Awards in December. Bearded Fellows create animation and video content, working with a variety of clients across the corporate and creative sector. They offer consultancy support to business directors to implement strategic growth through digital content and a clear articulation of key messages.

The Big Chip Awards celebrates digital excellence in the north. It is the biggest and longest running digital industry awards outside London and has an unrivalled reputation for judging consistency and integrity.

The awards are run by and for the digital industry, championing all things digital in the north of England, with special categories for start-ups, micro-businesses, students and apprentices.

Bearded Fellows were nominated in the Best Freelancer/Micro Enterprise category alongside specialist digital marketing companies 180ºSouth, Cedita, HiFi, Mighty Giant and TomFitton.com Online Marketing Consultancy, all of whom offered strong competition as experts in their respective fields. The award ceremony was held at The Midland Hotel on the eve the referendum result last week.


Prior to their win at last weeks Big Chip Awards, Bearded Fellows were the proud recipients of the Video of the Year award at the Prolific North Awards in May, (having been nominated for best newcomer in 2015), and Best Video Production Company at The Talk of Manchester Awards in December.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved as a company over the last 3 years, and humbled by the recognition our work has received over the last 6 months. As a small, self started company, we are grateful to every single individual that has supported us throughout this journey. We are especially thankful to our brilliant team of creatives who bring such skill and enthusiasm to everything we do.” Joe Gosling, Creative Director- Bearded Fellows. 

Bearded Fellow-Creative Studio was founded as a creative and resourceful response to the fact its four creative directors graduated in a recession, meaning that jobs for other creative businesses were scarce.

The company are proud to be northern animators and film makers and are equally passionate about storytelling and keeping work up here and out of London. The company operated quietly for their first few years of business, working hard to make sure their product was worthy of the brands they wanted to work with, so are all the more humbled to be gaining recognition for the work they do. The company's ethos is to work with clients they believe in and are happy to put their brand against.


Bearded Fellows Bearded Fellows is an award winning creative studio based in Salford. They take an idea, finds its core essence, extract it, then turn it into visual imagery using video, animation and sound.

Bearded Fellows approach is centered around long term partnership and supporting a client to identify and deliver video content that can further support their company. Bearded Fellows identifies challenges, opportunities and insights, explores ideas, stories and innovation and connects ideas to a market place.

The company helps brands communicate messages clearly and creatively to their desired audience. They help to identify challenges and opportunities within a business where video content can help, and explore ideas and innovation to tell stories that resonate. As artists, Bearded Fellows pride themselves on getting to know their clients inside out so that they can produce work that is a true reflection of their brand.

Their approach is what makes them who they are. Bearded Fellows believe that “no idea is a bad idea” and are passionate about both collaborating with their clients and sharing their knowledge with the next generation of freethinkers.

In addition to creating media content for brands and clients such as Bupa, IAS, RDX and Lad Bible, the company runs a Creative Education programme alongside the core of the business, offering a range of professional workshops and programmes from industry expert artists and experienced educators.

The programmes provide young people with a range of experiences, equipping them with a new skill set and a host of transferable skills, enhance employability, academic achievement, individual self-confidence and personal aspiration.







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