Agency 2020: What will the agency landscape of the future look like?

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For the last CS Presents of 2016 Creative Social have hand-picked 5 creative leaders for an event where they will give a varied perspective on how the agency landscape will look, feel and behave in 2020 along with the skills you’ll need to be one step ahead of the game. From collaborating and building closer ties with clients to understanding how to build ideas into your own IP, to finding new tribes to truly understanding the importance of purpose, not forgetting finding ways of making sure busy doesn’t get in the way of creativity, expect to come away equipped with a host of fantastic insights to help you shape the agencies of tomorrow.



Ed Warren, @creature_ed, Creative Partner, Creature 

Today's agencies are full of holy cows; accepted truths about how agencies must be structured, how they should operate and how they can make money. But if they want to survive in the new creative economy agencies will have to take some of these holy cows out behind the barn and put a bullet between their eyes. From his perspective as a founding partner of Creature - one of the new breed of creative agencies that are trying to challenge some of the assumptions and behaviours of how a modern agency behaves - Ed will suggest some holy cows that need to be turned into hamburgers.

Shanice Mears, @shannieloves, Planner Intern, Iris Worldwide 

Agencies today understand the importance of hiring fresh talent, however in order to be really down with the trumpets and ahead of the game, Agency 2020 will have to learn a new business model that not only appeals in the recruitment of diverse young creative people, but also allows them to retain our future talent. Shanice will discuss how young people are no longer waiting to be hired or settling on the traditional 9-5 working model, instead they are creating the path and work for themselves. 

Brian Cooper, @_briancooper, CCO, Oliver Group, ECD, Dare 

Agencies are fighting the last war. Most generals fail at battle because they land up fighting the last war. Most agency leaders today are running agencies equipped for a marketing world that is out of date. They have failed to adapt to the speed of the marketplace, the advertising sophistication of clients and the economic realities of marketing budgets. Adapting an ‘Inside’ model, Oliver, the fastest growing agency in the UK, is disrupting the old model with an approach that is faster, better and cheaper.

Liz Jones, CEO, B2B Dentsu Aegis Network & Exec Sponsor of Diversity & Inclusion 

Technology has already changed the way we consume media, and the way brands communicate with their audiences. By 2020, this change will have accelerated further. Agencies will be offering a myriad of data and content-driven services from one central point, moving towards a more consultative client approach. Success will demand bravery and vision, re-thinking business models and competitive sets, innovating organisational design, working collaboratively and seeing old competitors as allies. Liz wil give insight on how Dentsu Aegis are already adopting a 2020 approach through their newest agency, fortysix.

Sam Conniff, @samconniff, Joint CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Livity  

Sam will be discussing why The Chief Purpose Officer is 2020’s essential agency hire. Evidence suggests our agencies are an increasingly endangered species. If current trends continue, by 2025 many agencies might expect to only last an average of two years.  Since 2008’s near-economic collapse, search results for ‘business and purpose’ have gone from zero to off-the-chart and contribute to a conversation at the heart of industry, policy and society that grows every day. 

From FastCo to Forbes to the FT, Purpose is being looked to as not just a solution, but also as a necessary evolution of one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the Limited Company.  The Chief Purpose Officer is a blueprint for moving not just our agencies but also our economy towards a more balanced pursuit of sustainable profit and growth for businesses and clients.

Who should attend?

Creatives, Strategists, Planners, Suits, Innovators, Producers, Designers, Technologists and anyone with a curious mind.

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When? Tuesday, 20 September 2016 from 19:00 to 22:00

Where?  DigitasLBi - 146 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU



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