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World-first crisp packaging design changes the world of flavour | #BehindTheBrand

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An invention the world didn't know it needed has been unveiled. Premium Chips brand Hoeksche Chips, in partnership with Wunderman Thompson, has solved a problem that has haunted chip-eaters worldwide for decades. Humanity has been plagued by the problem of crumbs at the bottom of chip packets – impossible to get out without losing your human dignity or, worse, making a mess on your clothes or the couch.

With a simple twist, the bottom left of Hoeksche's new Salt & Balsamic Vinegar chip packet can be removed, and the last, tastiest morsels can be directed straight to the hand or mouth. The unique Flavour Saver technology was devised with global advertising agency Wunderman Thompson and their offices in Atlanta and Amsterdam so that nothing, not a single crumb, of delicious chips would go to waste.

To delve deeper into the flavourful rabbit hole, we spoke to Ransom Haywood, Associate Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Atlanta.

What was the brief?

The brief was to create an earned-media moment for Hoeksche Chips Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavor that captured the attention of a wider audience of snackers through an unexpected product twist.

How did the initial pitch/brainstorming phase go?

At the core of our brainstorming process was the thought around creating a campaign that pushed beyond just video and print.

We felt that the strongest way to elevate Hoeksche Chips was to make the product itself the protagonist of something big. We wanted to change the way people snacked without changing the snack.

Describe the purpose of the brand and its target audience

The purpose of this innovation was to create buzz and capture attention on a global scale to reach a wider audience of chip lovers.

What was your thinking behind the solution?


We wanted to create a buzzworthy innovation that not only heroed the crave-ability of Hoeksche Chips but also solved an overlooked problem that every chip lover has experienced – the crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

Enter the Flavor Saver: a simple but elegant solution for snackers everywhere. Just tear the perforated corner and funnel the leftover crumbs directly into your mouth.

What was the biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

Creating a product innovation that required a new bag design was an ambitious undertaking that’s beyond a typical advertising campaign. It took many different skillsets and backgrounds coming together to bring the Flavor Saver to life.

What details are you most proud of and why?

While chips have seen countless flavor changes, the bags themselves have gone stale. Innovating a package design that has remained almost entirely the same for decades was a big moment. The flavor saver is something that can live beyond the brand itself.

What do you hope it achieves for the brand?

We hope that this packaging innovation can influence a global snack movement with chip bags that prioritizes minimizing food waste and maximizing flavor.

Credit list for the work?


Client: Hoeksche Chips

Founder/Managing Director: HenkScheele

Founder/Managing Director: Rene de Zeeuw

Packing company: Fresh & Pack Services

Sales Director - Niels Kahlmann

CEO - Rob Nijgh

Agency: Wunderman Thompson (Benelux + Atlanta)

Global Chief Creative Officer: Bas Korsten

Chief Creative Officer, Benelux: Sandra Bold

Executive Creative Director, Atlanta: Jared Kozel

Associate Creative Directors, Atlanta: Ransom Haywood & Fallon Parker

Head of Design / Sr. Art Director, Benelux: Tunchan Kalkan

Project Manager, BeneluxL Min Yoo

Global PR Lead: Emilie Sharp

Benelux PR Lead: Elke Janssens

US PR Lead:  Rebecca Sullivan

Production company: Nosh Food Films

Executive Producer: Anne Greeve

Producer: Tom Plinsinga

Regisseur: Jordy Tempelman

DOP: Levien Priem

1st AC: Maxime van Erp

Gaffer: Christian van Marle

Best Boy: Joep Fransen

Set Dresser: Cecile Hanrath

Production Assistant: Martijn Pekel

Production Assistant: Bram Goossens

Post Production and VFX: Volstok

Executive Producer: Johanna Keppens

Post-producer: Mirjam De Vreese & Sarah Verhofstadt

Editor: Pierre Mailly

Grading: Joost Vandekerckhove

Vfx: Matthias Muer


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