VR and 360 content can help in times of audience isolation

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It can be tough out there! Current issues surrounding the worldwide COVID-19 crisis can bring certain industries some unwanted challenges.

For meetings & events this is obviously a challenge, while those who need to promote more physical aspects of their business can also suffer.

This is where virtual viewing can step in to ease the pain and maintain a bridge between client and vendor. By presenting your products, services and spaces in virtual reality you can convey them to would-be physical visitors at a distance

A 360 shoot can be quick, painless and affordable

A 360 shoot (DIY or service) can be quick, painless and affordable, equipping businesses and individuals with an opportunity to continue marketing when footfall is reduced. Virtual viewing is undivided attention, drawing users closer to what you want them to see while bringing slick production values into the mix.

Everyone is surely familiar with using 360 for map navigation but there is much more to it than that. A virtual tour is not the only method of communication, since single images can be used for a minimal experience instead as well as video. Modern cameras are often now equipped with the ability to live stream too, both to YouTube and Facebook.

360 cameras such as the Ricoh Theta V and professional Z1 are compact and produce great quality images for a relatively low price. Owning a camera can make sense if you have a lot of spaces or if your environment changes frequently.


3D renderings can allow artists, designers and architects to present their environments in an immersive way. By generating viewpoints within 3D models or even illustrations, artists can place a viewer exactly where they want them. Artwork can be exported as equirectangular content and uploaded to a platform such as Theatro360 where it can be embedded and reused in multiple formats.

The Theatro360 player also offers the opportunity to capture and export still frames from a virtual scene which can be useful to extract value from a single shot for Instagram or other social media.



Virtual content is often viewed as the sole domain of real estate and Google Street View but this would be to downplay its potential. Virtual imaging does not require any special technology to view it, nor does it need a headset. Statistics regularly show that users view more frequently on mobile devices than desktop. 

Although a headset can be extremely effective for 3D stereoscopic content such as that seen in the Oculus platform, it is not essential. Most content is viewable on a mobile phone where both stills and video can come into their own

Virtual content can provide multiple options for embedded features such as:

  • notes
  • web links (lightbox and external)
  • video clips
  • image galleries
  • pinned video (shaped to fit a rectangular space such as a TV screen within a scene).

Almost any subject matter can gain from a virtual experience, such as:

  • Action
  • Construction (site reporting)
  • Events
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Hotels and rentals
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Mapping and wayfinding
  • Social Media
  • Sports
  • Therapy

See below for more examples from various walks of business life.



Clerkenwell Design Week


  • Cars
  • Factories
  • Kart tracks
  • Paintballing
  • Property
  • Shops
  • Workshops


For undivided attention, virtual content can even be placed within a venue or foyer to engage those who have time to explore. Technology such as Smart Screens and Tables can deliver absorbing and entertaining content, creating a deeper connection with a brand.

Clients who have hosted 360 virtual tours have reported large increases in traffic and longevity on their websites. Virtual tours increase view times by at least 5 times on average increasing absorption and recall in the process. 

For further information on how to arm yourself with cameras, tours and videos please get in touch.

Discount voucher codes are available for any Creativepool members interested in camera purchases or wanting to trial 360 software. If you have an Oculus headset or cardboard viewer you will be able to view some content in hands-free 3D. Please contact us for some links.


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