UK's top 10 TV ads of all time revealed

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The UK’s favourite TV ad of all time has been revealed by a new study from independent creative agency, Impero.

The Rebranding Advertising research saw 1,500 consumers asked for their most iconic spots ever with brands such as Cadbury, John Lewis, Tango and Skittles all appearing in the top 10.

TV advertising was voted as top medium in the poll, despite the emergence of new media platforms in recent years. Consumers decided overwhelmingly in favour of the format, with 52% of respondents saying it's their most loved medium.

More than a fifth (22%) of people liked outdoor advertising the best, vs 14% of respondents who preferred influencer marketing and 11% who preferred digital ads.

Here's what made the top 10 TV spots alongside the voting percentages. Agree? Let us know your favourite in the comments section below.


10. Budweiser - Whassup (14%)


9. Skittles - Turning to Skittles (15%)


8. Lloyds Bank - Horse campaign (15%)


7. Cadbury - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (16%)


6. Compare the Market - Compare the Meerkat (17%)


5. Tango - Orange Man (17%)


4. Cadbury - Milk Tray Man (18%)


3. PG Tips - Monkey and Johnny Vegas (23%)


2. Cadbury - Gorilla (28%)


1. Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming (32%)



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